Portable Camcorders and PR

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Transcript of Portable Camcorders and PR

  • 1. WHY? Online video is the fastest-growing medium in the history of the world As of May 2011, over 48 hours of video is being uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • 2. WHY? Extend the impact of traditional media Show your personality instead of telling Spice up your (boring) releases and advertising Add credibility Authenticity Potential for others to share (create brand champions)
  • 3. IMPACT OF YOUTUBE Made video social Changed our perception of what is acceptable and what is watchable
  • 4. PERFECT SYNCHRONIZATION Flip camera was introduced in 2007 This camera + YouTube ushered in the good enough video revolution
  • 5. WHAT DO WE MEAN BYPORTABLE CAMCORDERS? Anything small and portable that records video Flip cameras Kodak Zi8 and Playtouch iPods Smartphones
  • 6. ADVANTAGES Ease of use Speed Cost
  • 7. DISADVANTAGES Lower quality video (sometimes) Lower quality audio (sometimes)
  • 8. FLIP CAMERA Originator HD quality Simple to use No options or inputs WYSIWYG
  • 9. FLIP CAMERA Discontinued in April 2011 Rendered obsolete by smartphones and competitors
  • 10. KODAK Expandable disk space Audio input Better quality Better sharing options
  • 11. IPOD Free video camera w/ your mp3 player Most people have an iPod
  • 12. SMARTPHONES Free video camera w/ your phone Most people have a smartphone
  • 13. HOW TO INTEGRATE INTO PR News releases Interviews Podcasts Event coverage
  • 14. HOW TO GET STARTED Buy some equipment Set up a distribution channel Wear your reporter hat
  • 15. EQUIPMENT Camera External microphone Tripod Video editing software
  • 16. DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL YouTube Vimeo Other social media accounts Facebook Twitter
  • 17. THINK LIKE A REPORTER Tell a story Turn your interview into a conversation Pre-interview if possible Create a rough script or sketch beforehand
  • 18. THE SECRET TO A GREAT VIDEO + Interesting topic + Human interest + Engaging expert + Great video
  • 19. MY ADVICE Start small Keep it cheap and simple in the beginning
  • 20. RESOURCES Video support: www.tiny.cc/msuvideo Contact [email protected] missouristate.edu/web @emarg0ed @msuweb