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I left school after taking my GCSE’s and immediately decided that I wanted to work in the publishing industry. My reason for making this choice of career is because I like to be creative.

After applying for jobs in publishing I soon discovered that previous experience or qualifi cations was needed. It was at this stage that I decided to enrol on a 2 year GNVA Advanced Course in Media studies at Bromley College. After completing the fi rst year, fi nances became a bit strained, and I desperately needed to work. I was fortunate enough to secure employment as a Production Assistant for a company based in London and I stayed there for 2 years. I then joined a Croydon based publishing company nearer home. During my 4 years at this company we won several ‘Best Publication Awards’. These were very rewarding times and I was able to display my fl air for creativity and design. My confi dence in all aspects of publishing magazines had grown, I decided I was ready for a fresh challenge and joined a larger publishing company in Soho, London. I am currently a Production/Studio Manager.

My sustained commitment is evident in the 6 years I have spent as a local hospital radio DJ, during which time I fi nanced my own 7 day radio course and was able to express my creativeness in a number of ways.

I enjoying playing golf, and going Sking. I try and go sking once a year, and play golf twice a month. I am a heavy Arsenal supporter, and also follow Harlequins. I go down my local gym 3 times a week, which keep me fi t and in shape.

Inside my porfolio is a range of web design and print design work that I have designed, and have been heavy involved with designing.

This portfolio is available on request, either by a sending a hard copy or emailing an ebook version. Please email [email protected]

Kind regardsScott Day

A bit about myself, my background and inside my portfolio