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  • 8/2/2019 Polyhedron 010



  • 8/2/2019 Polyhedron 010


    We're kicking off the New Year atRPGNMHQ by bringing back some oldcolumns and introducing some newones.This, the GAMMA WORLD issue, beg-ins with two expanded regular columns,Letters, and Dispel Confusion. We'rereceiving a greater volume of muchappreciated mail - thanks!In those letters, many of you haveasked for information concerning TSRmodules. For those of you who like toknow what you're buying, we've com-piled a list of every TSR module pres-ently available or expected on the marketwithin the next six months.We've also had many requests for amodule in POLYHEDRONTMNewszine,which planted the seedthat grew into thenew regular feature, Under Construc-tion. This column provides a descriptionof one room (or its equivalent) in one of'the TSR Role Playing Games. Theserooms will connect with other rooms infuture issues. We hadn't the space todevote to a module in one issue, so wedecided to give you bits and pieces toadd or adapt to your own campaigns.

    Similarly, Mike Carr has written Flightsof Fancy, a semi-regular DAWNPATROL game secenario, based onhistorical fact. And Basically Speaking isback with four of the most often askedD&D game questions.How many role playing games haveyou part icipated in where the mappinggot confusing, complicated, or just downright bothersome? Frank Mentzer hassome very clear and helpful suggestionsfor mappers and OM's that can helpmake mapping an interesting challengein the three part series, Mapping fromSquare One.Two years incoming, the official RPGANetwork Tournament Scoring System ishere. Those RPGA Members who play intournaments will now be awarded offi-cially recorded points.In Encounters, Jim Ward thinks thatthe Flynns and the PSH's should befriends. But, can true love be found in aninstallation in the peaks of the Rockies?Stay tuned! l Y j a A f

    Features ContentsDeveloping a GAMMA WORLD game campaign - Tips for the beginning GM,

    by Mike Price 5Mapping from Square One - Tried and true mapping techniques,by Frank Mentzer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 9Encounters - Will Merculies be able to save Desaibnu? by James M. Ward ... 10Under Construction - Don't let Ned's fate be yours in POLYHEDRON'MNewszine's newest regular feature, by Mary Kirchoff 14Getting Started in GANGBUSTERS Game - Rules of Thumb for Referees,by Mark Acres 15Tournament Scoring System 16Flights of Fancy - A DAWN PATROL'M Game Scenario, by Mike Carr 18Modules - Want to know how much it costs, how many can play, or whetherit's Dungeon, Wilderness or Town? Here's the place to find out! 21Tournament Tips Too - Another approach to organizing a tournament,by Clyde Scott 22

    RegularsLetters 3The Knight-Error - A cartoon, by Ron Shirtz 4Dispel Confusion - By Frank Mentzer, Allen Hammack, Mike Carr,Jim Ward, Mark Acres, Merle Rasmussen, and Dave Cook 6Reiga Nerd - A Mad-Djinn-Airy Tale, by Kim Eastland 8Notes for the Dungeon Master - by Frank Mentzer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 11Basically Speaking - Answers to some of the more common D&Dgame questions, by Jon Pickens 12Spelling Bee - Spell Coordination, by Frank Mentzer , 19White Rabbits 20Rune Scry 20Notes from HQ - The illustrious Eastland Papers 23Treasure Chest 24RPGA Network Official Club Memberships ............................. 312 Issue #9

    POL YHEDRONNewszine

    Volume 3, Number 1Issue #10Publisher: E.Gary GygaxManaging Editor: Kimber EastlandEditor: Mary KirchoffContributing Editor: Bill HoyerCover Artist: Jeff EasleyContributing Artists: Tim Truman(pg.8)Jeff Easley(pg.10)Tim Truman(pg.13)Larry Elmore(pg.14)Jeff Easley(pg.15)

    Other Credits: Photo on pg. 18courtesy ofSteve st. Martin.

    The POLYHEDRON' Newszine (the officialnewsletter of TSR's ROLE PLAYING GAMEASSOCIATION' Network) is published bi-monthly by TSR Hobbies, Inc. The mail ing ad-dress is POB 509, Lake Geneva, WI 53147,tele-phone number (414) 248-3625.The POLYHEDRON Newszine welcomes unsol-icited submissions of written material and art-work. However, no responsibil ity for such sub-missions can beassumed by the publisher inanyevent. No submissions wil l be returned unlessaccompanied by a self-addressed stamped en-velope of sufficient size.The POLYHEDRON Newszine is mailed free toall RPGA'" Members. Membership rates: 1 year$10:2 years $18;5 years $40.All prices are sub-ject to change without notice. Changes of ad-dress for the delivery of subscript ions must bereceived at least 30 days prior to the ef fect ivedate of the change in order to insure uninter-rupted delivery.All material published in The POLYHEDRONNewszine becomes the exclusive property of thepublisher upon publication, unless special writ-ten arrangements to the contrary are made priorto publication.DUNGEONS &DRAGONS, D&D,ADVANCEDDUNGEONS &DRAGONSandTOP SECRETare registered trademarks owned by TSRHobbies, Inc. "TM" designates other trademarksowned by TSR Hobbies, Inc. ROLE PLAYINGGAME ASSOCIATION', RPGA', and GENCON are service marks owned by TSR Hob-bies, Inc. @ 1983 TSR Hobbies, Inc. All RightsReserved.

  • 8/2/2019 Polyhedron 010


    "All I find in POLYHEDRONT. News-zine isAD&DTMgame information. Maybeyou could have some fiction or gamerules updates or something. Your giftsection could also use some improve-ment. A T-shirt would be nice."- Jeff Jacobson, Cornell, INPage for page, there are more articlesconcerning D&D and AD&D games inPOL YHEDRON Newszine than other TSRgames. The reason is simple: we receivemore questions and comments con-cerning these games. However, fairnessto other TSR game systems has been aprimary concern of mine as Editor ofPOL YHEDRON Newszine. I see theNewszine as a way to increase knowledgeof and interest in other games. As such,I've tried to include at least one article oneach of the games in each issue, but it isvery difficult with a 32 page format.POL YHEDRON Newszine's primaryfunction is to inform the members ofwhat's happening in their club. Thus, acertain amount of room must be slottedeach issue for this purpose. However, ifyou'll glance through the last three issues,you'll notice a marked difference fromthe first seven issues. We've had intro-ductory articles on the GAMMAWORLDT ., STAR FRONTIERST " andGANGBUSTERST games, as well asEncounters articles on each of thesegames. I think that you'll find the additionof Reiga Nerd and articles like it enter-taining as well as informative.Issues #9 and #10 (this one) have con-tained a greatly improved and updatedgift catalog section, too. If any of you

    have suggestions as to how to furtherimprove ourTreasure Chest, please writeto RPGA T. HQ and tell us! - Mary"Are you planning on publishing anydungeon modules in POLYHEDRON

    Newszine? How about GAMMA WORLDor TOP SECRET game scenarios? Also,could you possibly run acolumn on newitems and accessories coming onto themarket, or perhaps explain your ownaccessories? Iwould love to know some-thing about the R series. Is it campaignor competition, dungeon or wilderness?"- David Kalisak, Sarasota, FLWe've had many requests to publish amodule in POL YHEDRON Newszine.Quite simply, we haven't the room in a 32page Newszine. As an alternative, we'vebegun a new regular feature in this issue,Under Construction. Under Construction

    is a description of one room or area in adungeon, lab, speakeasy, etc., completewith background and picture. Over thecourse of many issues, these rooms willconnect and eventually form entire areasof dungeons, cities etc. (depending onthe game system used for the description).Referees may add them to their ongoingcampaigns, or simply use the ideas tocreate their own rooms or dungeons.As you can see, this issue features theGAMMA WORLD game, and as suchcontains an introduction to the gameand the Encounters scenar io. We str iveto give coverage to all of the TSR gamesystems. Look for a TOP SECRET gameEncounters scenario in a future issue ofPOL YHEDRON Newszine.Concerning the R modules, you're inluck! In this issue, we've listed every TSRModule currently available or expected

    out within the next six months. I hope ithelps you make your choices! - Mary"Dear TSR,I have been a member of the RPGN"Network for some months now. I thinkit's great! The idea is great because it fillsus in on information we can't hearanywhere else."I would like to say that your statementabout AD&D games being for adults isuntrue. I don't know one individual over30 who enjoys AD&D or D&D games. Iwish there would be more Dungeon lov-ing Dads and Monster loving Moms.How could I get more adults to likeAD&D games?"One more question: how does my31st level human M-U achieve Demi-god, then possibly god status?"- Brian O'Brien, Woodland Hills,CAYour letter appears in this issue, Brian,because it asks two very common ques-tions. The subject of getting adultsinvolved is a complicated one. I know ofinnumerable gamers over 30 years ofage (myself included), but most startedwhen they were a bit younger. The realdifficulty arises due to an adult's timelimitations. Between work and otherresponsibilities they seldom have theextensive gaming time that their youngercounterparts have.The other problem, as I see it, is thatyounger gamers usually rush over thebasics when explaining the game anddwell on their characters. Try goingslowly over the step by step proceduresof how to play. Your characters are almost

    meaningless to those who don't knowthe game system.Have you ever asked your parents to

    play? Often times parents feel that theymay be "butting in" so it's up to you toapproach them. Remember that everyonedoes not share your enthusiasm for gamesor highly imaginative fiction. The out-pouring of truly imaginative games,movies, etc. is a relatively recent occu-renee that you have grown up with, butothers haven't.