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This presentation introduces political science at Okanagan College

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  • 2. WHAT IS POLITICAL SCIENCE?Politicalscience is the fieldof the social sciencesconcerning the theory andpractice of politics and thedescription and analysis ofpolitical systems and politicalbehaviour.
  • 3. WHAT IS POLITICS?Politics is the art oflooking for trouble,finding it whether it exists or not,diagnosing it incorrectlyand applying the wrong remedy.- Earnest Benn
  • 4. Politics is moredifficult than physics.- Albert Einstein...the good of man mustbe the end of the scienceof Politics.- AristotlePolitics is the art of thepossible.- Otto von Bismarck
  • 5. Politicians are like diapers.Theyshouldbothbechangedfrequentlyand for the same reason.- AnonymousThe things that will destroy us are:Politics without principle;pleasure without conscience;wealth without work;knowledge without character;business without morality;science without humanity;and worship without sacrifice.- Mahatma Gandhi
  • 6. When the power of love overcomes the love ofpower the world will know peace.~Jimi HendrixDemocracy is twowolves and a lamb votingon what to have for lunch.Liberty is a well-armedlamb contesting thevote!~Benjamin Franklin
  • 7. Student TestimonialsStudent TestimonialsWhat our students say aboutPolitical ScienceI picked politicsbecauseI want to be an intellectual.I do not chooseto go about my life being unable toconverse with with peoplewithout even a base to speak uponRebecca F.
  • 8. Student TestimonialsStudent TestimonialsWhat our students say aboutPolitical ScienceWith the flood of world eventsthat are sensationalizedin our news media, political scienceis a great avenue to study what takesplace behind the scenes and to understandhow to point out flaws in the coverage .
  • 9. Student TestimonialsStudent TestimonialsWhat our students say aboutPolitical ScienceAt first, I just took political sciencebecause I had to.The first month of the class,I discovered it was actually a lot of fun!We even get to create our own countriesand run them how we want to
  • 10. Student TestimonialsStudent TestimonialsI am studying politicsto be able to make proper decisions nototherwise capable.As someonepursuinga career inJournalismEmergingevidenceof corruption,contaminatingpublic administrationhere inCanadaand abroad
  • 11. Student TestimonialsStudent TestimonialsIf you like to argue, it is the class for youLearningnew thingsabout my own viewson politics andgovernment is whatI like aboutthe courseIt isanexcellentwayoflearning andunderstandingcurrent eventsas well asthe events of thepast
  • 12. Student TestimonialsStudent TestimonialsPolitics is FunIamtaking this courseas a prerequisiteand I am glad thatI had to,because nowI am not intimidatedBy Politics.Educating studentsinpolitical scienceis the only wayignoranceand prejudicecan bebroken down
  • 13. Student TestimonialsStudent TestimonialsPolitical Science is interesting.It allows youto understandthe contemporarypolitical issuesIhave always wanted to vote,but I have not had enoughknowledge to knowhow to makean educated vote.Now, I amlooking forwardthe next election
  • 14. Why study Political Science?Political Science ranks asone of the most popular ofall undergraduate majors,andthe most popularsocial science majorin the world.
  • 15. In Europe,Over 34% of all graduates in 2003were graduating from social sciences.Of them, 82% took 3 or morepolitical science courses.- Eurostat, EU
  • 16. Political Science major requires: an interest in political and social issues and ethical reasoningstrong analytical and communicative skillsStudying political science prepares studentsto think independently, helps to develop skills such as flexibility,critical judgment, and the ability to understand the world from avariety of political, cultural and social perspectives.
  • 17. Political science is ideal for:Anyone,interested in issues like education,environment, civil rights, war and peace,globalization, justice and equalityAnyone,interested in careers like law, teaching,journalism, public policy and any othercareers that depend upon analytic,research and communication skills.
  • 18. What can you do with a degree inPolitical Science?In todays dynamic job market, employers preferpeople with analytical skills who know how to learnand adapt to the quickly changing job market.Studying political science helps students to developtransferable skills and provides an excellentbackground in many exciting careers.
  • 19. I. Academe-Universities and Colleges-Think-Tanks and Research InstitutionsII. International Agencies- Inter-governmental organization- Non-governmental Organizations- International Aid OrganizationsIII. Media- Newspapers- Broadcasting- Publishing Houses
  • 20. IV. Private Sector- For Profit or not-for Profit Organizations- Law Firms, Legal Aid Organizations- Market Research Firms, Consulting Firms- Insurance Companies, Banks- Public Relations Firms,- Community OrganizationsV.Federal,Provincial&Local Government- Foreign Service, Military Service- Crown Corporations & Regulatory Agencies- Law Enforcement Agencies
  • 21. What do Political Science Graduates Do?-- University/College Professor, Teacher- Policy Advisor, Policy Analyst, Urban Planner- ImmigrationOfficer,PoliceOfficer,Customs Officer- Development Officer, Foreign Service Officer- Public Affairs Consultant, Political Consultant- Tax Specialist, Lawyer, Lobbyist- Journalist, Documentary Maker, Editor- Market Research Analyst, Banker- Legislative Assistant, Pollster, Consultant- United Nations Officer,International Aid Officer- Researcher, Political Correspondent- Program Manager, Parole Officer- Intelligence Officer, Human Resources Specialist
  • 22. Some Cool Places to Work:- The United Nations,- Amnesty International,- World Trade Organization,- World Bank, The International Monetary Fund,- CBC, CNN, Globe and Mail and other media outlets,- International Banks and Financial Organizations,- Canadian Embassies and Consulates,- CanadianCustoms,ImmigrationandRefugee Board,- Canadian Security Intelligence Service,- Okanagan College!!!
  • 23. Canadian TriviaThis Prime Minister was allegedly involved in the Airbus Scandal.Some might think that NAFTA and the GST might also be someinfamous acts of his .Brian MulroneyThis Prime Minister was forced to resign in 1926, over a scandaldiscovered in the customs department of his administration.Later he was re-elected .Mackenzie KingThis prime minister introduced a new flag, the Canada Pension Planand universal medicare.Lester B. Pearson
  • 24. The Political Science faculty is committed to helping learnersdevelop their ability to understand the world from a variety ofpolitical, social and cultural perspectivesAyla H. Kilic, ChairPhone: (250) 762-5445, local 4366, KelownaOffice: C239, e-mail: akilic@okanagan.bc.ca Rosalind WarnerPhone: (250) 762-5445, Local 4763,Office: H122C, e-mail: ROWarner@okanagan.bc.caLinda ElmosePhone: (250) 762-5445Office: A300 Vernon, email: lelmose@okanagan.bc.ca
  • 25. COURSE OFFERINGSPOLI 101 Introduction to PoliticsAs a comprehensive introduction, this course explores the majorconcepts, issues and institutions of the process of politics and variousmethodologies used in understanding the political world. Taking acomparative approach, this course studies the traditional components ofpolitics as well as contemporary issues such as transitional politics, terrorand politics, ethnic nationalism, and religion and politics.POLI 111 The Government of CanadaThis course introduces students to the basic institutions and processes ofgovernment in Canada. It deals with the major challenges Canada facesin its political process. Specific emphasis is given to the origins,development and changing nature of Canadian political institutions.Constitutional , regional, gender and aboriginal issues, and the impact ofec