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Political Science 5 – Western Political Thought - Spring 2013 - Power Point Presentation #8 - © 2013 Tabakian, Inc.

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  • 1. Western Political ThoughtDr. John Paul TabakianPolitical Science 5Fall 2012 Power Point #8

2. COURSE LECTURE: WEEK 8 (1)Todays Lecture Covers The Following: Graft & Pandering Homestead Act of 1862 Transcontinental Railroad Act of 1862 Elite Consensus Liberty, Private Property, Limited Government Andrew Carnegie The Gospel Of Wealth Muckrackers Upton Sinclair The Jungle 3. COURSE LECTURE: WEEK 8 (2)This Weeks Lecture Covers: Foundation Of California Politics California Republican Party Democratic Party Of California Power Structure Of Both Major Parties Interest Groups In The Golden State Aerospace Environmental and Green Companies Media Music, Film, Television Agriculture Healthcare Computer Technology Transportation 4. HOMESTEAD & TRANSCONTINENTALRAILROAD ACT OF 1862Industrialists looked to the Northwest Territory as amarket for manufactured goods. Homestead Act opened more land to settlers. Transcontinental Railroad Act gave the railroadsincentives to link the east and west coasts. 5. TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD ROUTE 6. RAILROAD TOWN: KORBEL CITY 7. SACRAMENTO BROTHEL 8. TURNER FROM THE FRONTIER (1)Turners thesis: The existence of an area of free land, itscontinuous recession, and the advance of American settlementwestward, explain American development.As a type of determinism, Turners thesis ties geography tonational ideology/culture, defining the character of Americansand American society: a type of primitivism where [T]hewilderness masters the colonist. (meeting point betweensavagery and civilization.).American social development continually beginning overagain on the frontier. (perennial rebirth, fluidity of Americanlife). 9. TURNER FROM THE FRONTIER (2)European life entered the continent and America modified anddeveloped that life and reacted on Europe.New Product away from the influence of Europe, a steadygrowth of independence on American lines.Composite Nationality; tides of continental immigration; mixedraceDangers of individualism out of control; relate to DeToequeville.What endures? The notion of going west for opportunity, groundfor new ideas? Consider that the real move was to the towns andcities along with the expansion into free, wilderness land. 10. GREEN COMPANIES TESLACalifornia influences the nation. If thestate were its own country it would bethe 6th most economically powerful.The Golden State also influencesnational as well as world opinion.Californians are known to be pro-conservationist. Green policy is alsoprofitable. Tesla is a relatively new carcompany located in San Carlos,California. They are leading the rebirthof the electric car. This is a Nightlinereport of the Tesla Roadster that airedMay 25, 2007. 11. CALIFORNIA AGRICULTUREAgriculture is a major industry for the Golden State. With88,000 farms and ranches, California agriculture is nearly a$32 billion dollar industry that generates $100 billion in relatedeconomic activity. This enormous achievement is possiblethrough a combination of tradition and innovation that hassecured Californias status as the most productive agriculturalstate for more than 50 years. Farmers and ranchers blend old-fashioned notions of patience and perseverance with cutting-edge technologies and advanced agricultural practices. Theresult is a highly adaptable and diverse industry encompassingmore than 350 plant and animal commodities. (Source: California Department of Food & Agriculture) 12. MAINSTREAM MEDIAMainstream media generates over$60 billion in related economicactivity. Some put the estimate atover $80 billion. Various aspectsapply to making this estimate. Bigbudget films for instance firstgenerate box-office receipts thencarry over to Pay-Per-View andDVD sales. Students need to takeinto account the various players ofthe industry to realize Hollywoodsimpact on Californias economy. 13. PARTISANSHIPVariables can help determine partisanship like the religion, socialstatus and place of residence of the individual. For example, Catholicstend to be Democrats and Protestants tend to be Republicans. Thoseindividuals having a low social status tended to associate with theDemocrats and those holding high social status tended to beRepublican. Rural citizens tend to be more closely associated with theRepublican Party and those residing in the urban areas tended to leantowards the Democratic Party. A conglomeration of variables or evena particular characteristic can assist us in determining individualbehavior. Though this is true, it is the degree of partisanship oneholds that remains the best predictor for determining how one mayvote on Election Day. 14. MASS AUTHORED CAMPAIGN RHETORICOfficial Campaign Rhetoric isbeing challengedduetoadvances in technology allowingfor cheap distribution via theInternet. It has also becomecheaper to produce material dueto the ability to produce highquality video at a greatly reducedcost. Enjoy this example ofObama Girl. 15. CALIFORNIA REPUBLICAN PARTYThere are three conservative factions within theRepublican Party. Individuals may identify themselveswith more than one. These are:1. Financial Conservatives2. Social Conservatives3. Moral ConservativesMoral Conservatives are the most partisan and ideologicalwho impact statewide office seekers during a primary. 16. CRP - MORAL CONSERVATIVE IMPACTGovernor Davis facedconsiderable opposition duringhis re-election campaign forgovernor. Richard Riordan wasviewed as the most formidableopponent if he were to be theRepublicannominee.GrayDaviss strategy was to attackRichard Riordan during theprimarysothe moreconservative opponent, BillSimon acquires the nomination.These campaign commercialsfrom Gray Davis were directedtowards moral conservatives tonominate Bill Simon. 17. DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF CALIFORNIAThe Democratic Party Of California is not split into three distinctfactions. It is known as the Big Tent or Big Umbrella Party.Though the party consists of various interest groups that are in aconstant pursuit for power, it does not have the same problem asthe California Republican Party. 18. MAJOR PARTY POWEREven though the nationalparties have becomeNational Partyweaker and less active,that the same cannot beState Partysaid of state and localparty organizations. Local City / County PartyLocal City / County PartyParties at thesub-national level are Local City / County PartyLocal City / County Partystronger and more activethan they were in theLocal City / County PartyLocal City / County Party1950s, which was at thepeak of partisanship. Itwas discovered that aspartisanship continued toerode that they shiftedgears in order to bolstertheir membership base. 19. PLURALISM 20. BUSH IN 30EXAMPLE OF PLURALISM 21. AMERICAS TWO PARTY SYSTEMOur system maintains a processwhereunsuccessful partiesarediscarded or forced to join with otherminor parties, which in this case hasresulted in the formation of twomajor parties. Many of the rulespertaining to elections in the UnitedStates have been designed to weedout nuisance candidates. Only thosecandidates who have demonstrated agood deal of public support areallowed access. America continues toenjoy a stable political system that ismaintained with its two party system.Enjoy this video of Frank Grimes, the2004 nominee of the AmericanFascist Union for the Presidency! 22. CANDIDATE IMAGECandidate image depictssituations in which votersdecide whether to support acandidate depending on theimage they portray andwhether they are appealingor unappealing. 23. CARNEGIE FROM WEALTHAndrew Carnegie (18351919) was a massively successfulbusiness man - his wealth was based on the provision of ironand steel to the railways, but also a man who recalled hisradical roots in Scotland before his immigration to the UnitedStates. To resolve what might seem to be contradictionsbetween the creation of wealth, which he saw as proceedingfrom immutable social laws, and social provision he came upwith the notion of the "gospel of wealth". He lived up to hisword, and gave away his fortune to socially beneficial projects,most famously by funding libraries. His approval of death taxesmight surprise modern billionaires! 24. UPTON SINCLAIRS THE JUNGLEUpton Sinclair was a poor reformer who sought to write the GreatAmerican Novel.The Jungle examined the unsanitary methods of Chicagosmeatpacking industry of Chicago. It was released in 1906.President Theodore Roosevelt received advanced copy. Used hisinfluence to push Congress to pass a law establishing the Food andDrug Administration (FDA). Roosevelt coined the term muckrakersto describe Sinclair and other reformist crusaders.Roosevelts phrase was not meant to be wholly complimentary.Muckrackers are journalists who expose political and commercialcorruption. 25. HOW THE MASSES PERCEIVE THE PARTIESActivists are most likely to participate incampaign activities. These are the mostpartisan among typical voters. Two of themost common activities aside fromvoting is donating personal labor andfinancial resources. Political panderingrefers to how parties cater to their corebase of activists. Those found in theRepublican Party tend to be moreconservative thanthe averageRepublican voter. Democratic activistson the other hand tend to be more liberalthan the average Democratic voter. 26. HOW THE MASSES VIEW THE PARTIESLet us now see how Hollywood views the parties from the perspective of theaverage Joe or Jane. Our example comes from the movie Bulworth starringWarren Beatty. Two scenes are shown to demonstrate pandering as seen from theperspective of Hollywood. What are your thoughts after watching these clips? Dothey coincide with your personal belief systems in any way? Race Based PoliticsHollywood + Religion 27. OBAMA & APPLEConstituents have witnessed influential campaign advertisementsthat are authored by the average person. The clip on the left wascreated from an Obama supporter with commonly available computerequipment who manipulated the famous 1984 A