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Black cat Black cat

Many people believe that black cat that ran through them the way

brings them bad luck.So stop and wait until someone

else first will cross the road. Always better when someone

else will be damned.

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Friday the 13thFriday the 13th

For many people this is a disastrous combination.

On this day many people do not move out

of the house. The best stay in bed. Or hide under a

table. Hiding under the table is safer than

staying in bed because it is possible that the bricks from the ceiling

falls on our heads.

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Four-leaf clover

Four-leaf clover - lucky guarantee, if we give

it another person, even dried, we will have lucky in love. According to tradition, every leaf clover symbolizes something.

The first is hope, second is faith, third is love,

fourth is happiness.

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Broken mirror

In many homes, people wring their hands, when the mirror is broken . Why? It knows almost everyone.

Broken mirror means seven years bad luck.

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WeeddingAll Brides knows that during the wedding

must have "something white" - a symbol of purity

of feeling, "something blue"-most often they choose the garter, a blue color to provide a pair of successful offspring,

"something borrowed„ - a small trifle borrowed Bride is to ensure the favor of her husband's family. The bride

should also carry a piece of bread, sugar cube

and a small coin in your shoe - it is guarantee

a prosperous life

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Superstitions say that seeing a chimney-sweep we should clutch the

button. Then chimney-sweep could bring good


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The number "13"

Many people believe that this number brings bad luck. There is nothing worse than to have the

number 13th in the log, or live on the 13th floor.

In some hotels do not find a room number 13.

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