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  • 1. Poets & Plumbers Hans Henrik Heming, Wemind A/S Kbenhavn, marts 2009

2. enhanceAt Wemind we social capital by creating and building valuable relations 3. Balanced ScorecardFinancialPerspective How do we look to shareholders? VisionCustomerInternal Process Perspective HowPerspective& do customers seeWhat must weus? excel at?Strategy Learning &Innovation Perspective How we cansustain our abilityto change and improve? 4. Focus Area ComplexComplicated Probe Sense SenseAnalyseRespond Respond EmergentGood PracticeChaotic SimpleAct Sense SenseCategoriseRespondRespondNovelBest Practice Inspired by the Cynen Framework 5. Focus AreaCommunity of ScenarioBCG MatrixPractice PlanningComplexComplicatedLEAN Probe Sense SenseAnalyseRespond Respond EmergentGood PracticeERP and processcentric systemsChaotic SimpleActSenseSix Sigma Sense CategoriseRespond RespondNovel Best Practice Inspired by the Cynen FrameworkBusiness Process Reengineering 6. Focus AreaPatternCommunity ofRecognitionScenarioBCG MatrixPractice Planning Blogs Wikis ComplexComplicated Wisdom ofLEANcrowds Probe Sense SenseAnalyse PeripheralRespond Respond vision EmergentGood PracticeERP andOpen process Innovation centric systemsChaotic SimpleTurnarounds ActSenseSix Sigma Sense CategoriseRespond RespondCrisis Management Novel Best Practice Inspired by the Cynen FrameworkBusiness Process Reengineering 7. Factory 8. The Genius of the few 9. Web 1.0 hierarchal information structure static web pages 140,000 PDFs crafted communications approval chains one-way communication risk-averse reactive 10. Knowledge 11. Web 2.0: We Believe in Community user centric social open data honesty collaborative discussions publish now pro-active 12. Factory 13. Crowdsourcing Billede af shuttermarie http://www.ickr.com/photos/60199581@N00/276638297/ 14. Networks -its about the link to knowledge,not knowledge in its self! Billede af GustavoGhttp://www.ickr.com/photos/gustavog/9708628/ 15. Peripheral Vision 16. Trends Billede af jkpaul http://www.ickr.com/photos/johnston-knight/1296683645/ 17. Fakta 1: Kompleksiteten ges 18. Fakta 1: Kompleksiteten ges 19. Fra Stenalder.Billede af gridrunner http://www.ickr.com/photos/aderowbotham/ 45953745/ 20. til GuttenbergBillede af Jacob Btterhttp://ickr.com/photos/jakecaptive/190802859/ 21. The Printing Press http://www.ickr.com/photos/cibergaita/97220057/ 22. Mass Mediahttp://www.ickr.com/photos/peterkelly1/2401096616/ 23. Mass Media http://www.ickr.com/photos/ylvas/327409715 24. til massemedierBillede af nukegingrich http://www.ickr.com/photos/nukegingrich/277876057/ 25. og til internettetBillede af NaOH http://ickr.com/photos/naoh/30249606/ 26. Filters for Quality http://www.ickr.com/photos/wespionage/765209458/ 27. SPAM Inbound Information Flow 28. The Strength of the Weak TieMark Granovetter 29. Strong Ties - We both know 30. Strong Ties - New Idea 31. LinkedIN - til hvad? Business development, Sales, Marketing Career Management, Personal Branding , Resumes Job Search Recruiting Growing your network Keep in touch Meeting Face2face Organizing and Extending Groups 32. Tak hans.henrik@wemind.dk 31 68 30 12