Please turn on speakers !!!

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Please turn on speakers !!!. Our School. Our table tennis. Our cloak-room. Second Class. Damian Brzeżański shows our school. Daniel Witosz shows Brussel. Geography lesson. Czech language lesson. Computer Class. Our classroom. Video. Please click here, when the video ends. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Please turn on speakers !!!

  • Please turn on speakers !!!

  • Our School

  • Our table tennis

  • Our cloak-room

  • Second Class

  • Damian Brzeaski shows our school

  • Daniel Witosz shows Brussel

  • Geography lesson

  • Czech language lesson

  • Computer Class

  • Our classroom

  • Video Please click here, when the video ends

  • Video editing : Damian BrzeaskiVideo recording : Jakub Tymoszuk, Daniel Witosz, Damian BrzeaskiDoing presentation : Damian Brzeaski, Daniel Witosz, Jakub Tymoszuk, Photos : Daniel Witosz, Jakub Tymoszuk, Damian Brzeaski

  • I used the programs Google translateIvona text to speechGoogle EarthWindows Movie MakerI used music From World GameMaster Tournament video

  • Sorry for quality video and images were captured on a mobile phone

  • Thanks for your attention