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A presentation on kinds of photographs that can be taken with long exposure

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  • 1. By:Chandramouli SinghBJ&MC-2D

2. It is the amount of light entering the camera that isreceived by a photographic film or an imagesensor. Exposure is mainly determined by two things: Shutter Speed: Speed of shutter opening to exposesensor or film to the light. Aperture: An opening that controls the amount of light 3. There are many ways in which we can playaround with exposure to get some surreal,out of the world photographs. Long exposure is used by photographers toclick such photos. 4. Things necessary for long exposure photography: SLR/DSLR Camera Tripod Good Composition Remote for shutter release (in some specialcases) 5. Coming in the next slides are the varioustypes of shots that are taken throughlong exposure photography. 6. This type of photographs contain either water ormoving clouds. Exposure of around 10-30 seconds, dependingupon the situation gives the smooth texture towater and sky. 7. This is another fancy photographic technique in whichpainting with light is done. Camera is set on tripod at a completely dark place withminimum aperture and long shutter speed of around20-30 seconds. Then, after the shutter is released, using any pointsource of light one can perform tricks, draw somethingetc. 8. This is most common usage of long exposurephotography where camera captures the movinglights coming from vehicles on the road. 9. This is perhaps one of the most difficult things todo in long exposure photography and requires a lotof patience. The rotation of earth makes us feel that sun,moon, stars and other planets move. We can capture their motion through thistechnique. For taking star trails we need an automatic shutterrelease remote. 10. We set the shutter speed to 30 seconds and thenjust take pictures one after another for minimumof half an hour. People also do for more longertime to get better results Then comes the editing part, on some imageediting software like Adobe Photoshop, all theseimages are superimposed and edited to get thedesired image. 11. Also called deep sky imaging In this, photos of distant stars and planets aretaken through normal DSLRs using long exposure Though it does not need much of extra equipmentbut surely needs some knowledge of astronomy 12. Thank You