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  • 1. By Alicia Romero Vias

2. Most plants have three parts. They have astem, roots and leaves. The stem holds upthe plant. Below the stem are the roots.They take water from the soil. The leavescollect sunlight.Each part helps the plant to stay alive andmake food. Plants make the food that allover living things need to stay alive. They arethe food factory of the world. Without themnothing else could live. 3. Roots grow under the ground and take waterfrom the soil. Plants need water to live andgrow. Roots also hold the plant in the groundand stop it from falling over.Some plants have roots that store food. Carrotsand radishes are thick roots that store food. 4. A radish is athick root. It stores foodmade by theplant. 5. Leeks have long straight roots. 6. This rose bushhas lots of thinroots thatspread outunder theground. 7. The stem carries water from the roots to the rest of the plant. It also holds the plant upright.The stem is filled with tiny tubes. If you leave a carnation in a vase of water with some food colouring, it will change colour after a few hours. This is because the water moves up the stem and into the leaves and flower through the tiny tubes. 8. Leaves have many different shapes but theyare mostly all green. Plants use the greencolour to make food from sunlight.Inside a leaf there are tiny tubes called veins.These carry the food and water around theplant. 9. Plants needs sunlight to make food. They alsoneed water and air. Plants use the food tolive and grow.When the sun begins to shine, plants begin tomake food. Without sunlight plants witherand die. 10. Flowers only grow at certain times of the year.They make the seeds that grow into newplants.Flowers have petals, pollen and the part thatturns into a seed. Pollen is often yellow andsticky, but very small flowers that grow inthe grass have dry pollen. When dry pollenblows in the wind, it can give some peoplehay fever. 11. In the middle ofa sunflower you will find lots of small flowers.This is wheresunflower seeds are made. 12. Flowers attract bees and other insects withtheir smells and bright colours. Any flowersalso have a sweet liquid called nectar thatinsects like to drink.Bees feed on the nectar, moving from flower toflower.Pollen sticks to the bees body on one flower,and then brushes off on another. The flowercan now make a new seed. 13. Honeysucklesmells sweet. 14. Roses havebright colours. 15. Fruit often has bright colours and smells good.It also taste sweets and juicy. This is whypeople and other animals like to eat it !Inside the fruit are the seeds made by theplant. Some fruits have a hard stone with asingle seed inside.Others have several seeds called pips. 16. Seeds need to reach the ground to grow intonew plants. Some seeds are scattered by thewind. What helps a dandelion seed catch thewind ?Other plants use animals to carry the seeds.When birds eat fruit, they swallow the seeds.The seeds pass through their bodies andreach the ground in bird droppings.A seed has all the food it needs when it landson the ground. But it will only begin to growwhen it is watered. 17. Plants are very important food for people andother animals. They give us vitamins andminerals to keep us heathy.We eat the root of a carrot, the leaves of acabbage, the flowers of a cauliflower and thestem of cerely.Grapes and oranges are the fruit of a plant.Grains of rice and wheat are seeds. Grains ofwheat are turned into flour o make bread. 18. Wheat grows in fields. 19. The grains ofwheat arecrushed tomake flour. 20. The flour ismade intobread.