Planning a Research Paper Milly Grillone FAO Consultant.

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Transcript of Planning a Research Paper Milly Grillone FAO Consultant.

  • Planning a Research Paper

    Milly GrilloneFAO Consultant

  • Writing as a ProcessThe communication of complex ideas is a process that requires thinking and rethinking, working and reworking

  • Before writing.

    Brainstorming write down your ideas just the way they come in your mind

    BrainstormingChoosing a Topic

  • .organize your ideas

    Imposing order on your ideas make the information easier to understand and easier to remember.If you choose a clear, recognizable pattern (on the level of the paragraph and also on the level of the whole essay body) you guide your reader in discovering relationships that connect things.

  • Thesis StatementChoosing a thesisBrainstormingChoosing a TopicThe Thesis Statement is that sentence or two in your text that contains the FOCUS or CORE of your essayTry to narrow your topic. Example: Agricultural Policy Agricultural Policy in the EU Agricultural Policy Changes in the EUThe TS should remain FLEXIBLE until the paper is finished.If you discover new information that ought to be included in the TS, youll have to rewrite your TS. On the other hand if you discover that the TS appears to include things that you havent addressed, then you need to limit your TS.

  • Structure of the Essay OutlineINTRODUCTION-ARGUMENT-CONCLUSIONConstruct your Outline by listing all the important points you want to cover in your essayProvide one main point for each paragraphStart with the introduction under which you will write out your TS and work through LOGICALLY, point by point until you reach the conclusion

    The OutlineChoosing a thesisBrainstormingChoosing a Topic

  • Structure of the Essay Outline (2)Group related ideas together under general headings and arrange them so they flow logicallyEach point in your outline should connect with the nextEach main category should be linked to your thesisFocus your outline by discarding anything not useful or pertinentCategorize your points according to their importance, keeping in mind the method of organization you intend to use

  • Principles of Organization: Transition between IdeasOrganize your information according to a:Chronological Order (Order of Time) Following the order in which events occurSpatial Order Items are arranged according to their physical position or relationshipClimactic Order (Order of Importance)Items are arranged from least important to most important

  • Principles of Organization (2)General to Specific OrderSpecific to General OrderSimplest to Most Complex OrderTopical Order

  • 5 Golden RulesTry to be alwaysClear SimpleBriefCoherentLogical

  • RESEARCHReading or/and Field Research

    Collecting and verifying dataResearchThe OutlineChoosing a thesisBrainstormingChoosing a Topic

  • RESEARCH (2)Selection of informationSummary of information

  • Ready to start

  • Some Simple Rules...No comma between subject and verbAgriculture, is one of the main component of GDPSubject-Verb Agreement: the subject and the verb must agree in number, both must be singular or both plural ( Arabic!)Syria have a comparative advantage The media was biased in its reporting of the event