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Transcript of Plan A Trip To Hk China

  • 1. Come on a trip to Hong Kong, China!
    By Jessica Tsang 9MM
  • 2. Hong Kong!
    Hong Kong is an island, on the East of China.
    It is known as the Jasmine Harbour, because sailors could smell jasmine when they sailed into the harbour in olden days.
    • It is very pleasant and calm and has heaps of attractions and things to do.
    • 3. It has vibrant cities, great for shopping, or quiet mountain-sides and peaks to relax on.
    Hong Kong Population: 6,855,125!
  • 4. Culture in Hong Kong!
    While greeting, many lower their eyes as a sign of respect. It is rude to stare or hold eye contact
    for too long.
    When attending small functions, it is polite to wait for
    your host to introduce you to others.
    It is polite to address people by any honorific title they have, and their surname.
  • 5. Culture in Hong Kong!
    Giving Gifts!
    When visiting, bring sweets, fruit, or flowers.
    Dont give red or white flowers, cutting utensils, clocks, handkerchiefs, straw sandals, green hats and dont wrap gifts in white, blue or black paper.
    Gold and red are lucky colours, excellent gift wrapping.
    Dont give odd numbers of presents, especially four.
    Giving eight of something is thought to be good fortune.
    Always give gifts with two hands.
  • 6. Culture in Hong Kong!
    Eating Manners!
    Wait to be told where to sit cause there is often a seating plan.
    It is polite to try everything.
    Never eat the last piece from the serving tray.
    Wait for the host to eat, before you start to eat.
    Refuse second servings at least once to not seem greedy.
    When finished, dont place your chopsticks across the top of your bowl.
  • 7. Culture in Hong Kong!
    Eating (continued!
    • Main courses usually have rice or noodles.
    • 8. Food is usually eaten with chopsticks.
    • 9. Tea is the main drink.
    • 10. People eat 5 times a day. Morning for breakfast, noon for lunch, 3pm for afternoon tea, evening for dinner, and 10pm for Siu Yeh (supper)