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Who we areWho we are

PinPoint Solutions is a recruiting firm designed around mid-level management and difficult to fill individual contributor roles. Our mission is to provide the proper recruiting approach for the client organization versus strictly a standard contingency or search approach.

Our combination of experience in the third party recruiting industry and in directing internal staffing functions for Fortune 500 organizations, give us a unique perspective and customer orientation not typically found in the recruiting industry. We take a team-based approach to every search we work. We differentiate ourselves through specialized networks, databases, and contact strategies. With each search, we develop a custom recruiting strategy utilizing our research department and a team of recruiters to best deliver results quickly and efficiently

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ResourcesResources• Research Generation: Pinpoint uses a wide range of resources to build

our research on any given search. We utilize numerous search methods, databases, and our personal networks to find the best talent. We round this off with contacts found through specialized or industry specific societies, organizations, press releases, and conferences.

• Corporate Resume Database: Pinpoint has an extensive internal resume database with over 50,000 resumes on file.

• Job boards: Pinpoint has corporate accounts with numerous boards such as the Ladders, Monster, and CareerBuilder. We utilize these boards for sourcing more than candidate generation.

• Individual Networks: with roughly 25 recruiters on staff, we have pooled our resources to vastly expand our own personal networks. These networks have evolved and are one of our most powerful tools in any search.

• Corporate database: Pinpoint has retained all of its research into a large database of names and numbers. This research comes from all resources listed above. We have nearly 1 Million contacts.

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Case Case StudiesStudies

CASE 2: Training and Simulation Start up- Division of Multibillion Dollar organization:

PinPoint Solutions was tasked with finding a Director of Business Development to single handedly create the vision of a breakthrough division in a very competitive industry. The division was a start up and based outside of the United States.

12 Candidates were produced in the first 14 days of the search, of which 7 were interviewed face to face.Having no previous experience in the industry, we were able to fill the assigned position and have the person start in 6 weeks. Through the process 2 of the other candidates were brought on in different roles as well.

3 of the 5 Initial team members of this Divisions Sales Team were placed by Pinpoint.

CASE 1: Privately held provider of sales, marketing and merchandising to major retailers, manufacturers, and consumer goods organizations

A division of this organization, which specialized in IT customized solutions for their clients, was in need of a Division CEO and a Director of Application Development. The division was in desperate need and both searches were highly confidential.

Between the two searches, 13 candidates were produced in the first week of the search. The search was conducted during the holidays making timing very difficult, but 10 interviews were scheduled within one week and offers and acceptances were made with the candidates’ start dates within 6 weeks of beginning the search.

All interviews were scheduled for the CIO based on her schedules and all legwork handled by PinPoint personnel.

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Return Feedback to

Talent Acquisition Process MapPosition given approval to go retained.

PinPoint schedules kickoff call

Kickoff call held. Recruiting strategy


Pinpoint begins


PinPoint Solutions identifies, screens,

and presentscandidates

Company team arrange face to face interviews which Pinpoint Solutions helps to schedule with


Company reviews resumes

Candidate Decision


SnapRetail extend offer



PinPoint Solutions

Company draft offer

Company conducts phone screens

Flow Chart

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Profile of a Successful SearchProfile of a Successful Search

PinPoint Solutions Commitment:• Lead kickoff meeting to determine and outline recruiting strategy.• Utilize appropriate resources to identify and recruit candidates for position.• Present qualified candidates to hiring manager.

– Brief overview of candidates qualifications and special skills.– Relocation restrictions– Salary Expectations

• Respond to and take action upon all manager requests within 48 hours.• Ensure ongoing communications continue throughout recruiting cycle.

Company Commitment:• Finalize position description and pass it off to PinPoint solutions including notes on

compensation, relocation, etc. • Participate in kickoff meeting to create recruiting strategy. (Target companies, associations,

industry expertise, certifications, etc)• Review candidates presented by PinPoint and provide feedback within 48 hours. This allows us

to better target the candidates for the job. • Ensure ongoing communications continue throughout recruiting cycle.• Schedule and conduct interviews• Prepare final offer for candidates and communicate offer to PinPoint Solutions• Ensure on-boarding process is initiated and appropriate paperwork completed.

If each of the parties below agrees to these commitments, past practices have proven to result in a successful search. However, when commitments are not met it usually leads to delays in the recruiting cycle.