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ARARTE Conference 2010. Pinhole Photography Workshop. Paul Griffin – SAS Photo Teacher. ARARTE Conference 2010. Introduction – a little historic perspective Construct Cameras Make Exposures Develop Negatives Print Positives. First: A Little History. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Pinhole Photography Workshop

  • Pinhole Photography Workshop

    Paul Griffin SAS Photo Teacher

    ARARTE Conference 2010

  • ARARTE Conference 2010Introduction a little historic perspective

    Construct Cameras

    Make Exposures

    Develop Negatives

    Print Positives

  • The Pinhole is the third imaging system invented by man 1.) The window: Invented about a half a million years ago. 2.) The plane mirror: Invented just after the Bronze Age, 6,000 years ago. 3.) Pinhole First: A Little History

  • 5th Century BCChina, A philosopher named Mo Ti records the principle idea of the camera: Reflected light rays of an illuminated object passing through a small hole in a dark enclosure result in an inverted but exact image of the object

  • 1038 ADArab scholar Alhazen describes a working model for what will later be known in Europe as the camera obscura Thanks for inviting me over to watch your camel show!

  • 1553 Scientist Giovanni Battista della Porta describes how a camera obscura can be used to trace a precise copy of nature.

    Almost done, Soon Ill be meeting mama mia for a pizza!

  • 1553 1600sThe Camera Obscura becomes an artists tool and its design continues to be refined. Finally, Im almost as good as that Rembrandt dude!

  • Sir David Brewster 1800sScottish scientist credited with making the first pinhole photographs using paper negatives.He was also the inventor of the kaleidoscope

  • 1900 2010

    Photographers and Artists around the globe experiment with the ultimate in low tech camera design.

  • This Years World Pinhole Day:Sunday April 24, 2011

  • Alexis Bell - My View

    World Pinhole Photo Day Images April 25, 2010

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