Pillsbury Hall Renovation

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Transcript of Pillsbury Hall Renovation

  • 1. Pillsbury Hall Revisited
    Illustrative Narrative
    of Interior Renovation Potential
    Interior Architecture Vision
    Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd
    Maryland and Minnesota
    Historic Renovation
    MacDonald Mack Architects

2. Old/New Engagements
The exterior of Pillsbury Hall and the English Departmentsprograms proposed to move into it as part of a needed remodeling, provides an extraordinary opportunity for a unique and progressive approach to its design.We propose a dramatic and innovative series of interior spaces and amenities,not as imitative or even derivative expressions , but as inspired, high performing, and complementary features that affirm the future while honoring the past.
3. Convergent and Overarching Themes
Literary Culture and Visual/Material Culture share a creative and critical history, that can provide and enlarge meaning, when consciously engaged in a common place.
Illumination can be both an intellectual/psychic state of mind and a material/physical state of existence.When they serve each other metaphorically and literally they can heighten and expand awareness and discovery.
Repurposing places with historic significance can be an awakening of original value and a discoveryof new possibilities.Distinguishing but associating the old and the new promises greater integrity and value to each.
4. Illumination
1 a: to enlighten spiritually and intellectually, b: to supply or brighten with light
Complement: Solid, Fixed, andSculpted Pillsbury Hallwith Luminescent, Dynamic and LayeredNew
Responsive, Performing, Engaging Windows, Light Shelves, and Shutters
Translucent, Refined, Accessible Bookshelves and Standards
Dynamic, Mysterious, Incremental Stairs and Structure
5. Opaque enclosures block all natural daylight
Window Features: Full Shuttered
6. Multiple levels of operability allow for unique customization of quality day lighting.
Window Features: 25% open
7. Light shelf bounces high level light for reflection off ceiling surface and results in even ambient lighting
Opaque shutters fully open
Translucent shutters filter direct sunlight
Window Features: 50% open
8. Exterior light shelf unfolds to maximize reflective light shelf surface
Window Features: 75% open
9. Opening entire shutter apparatus allows maximum exposure to daylight.
Window Features: Full Open
10. Section Views through Pillsbury Hallto Expose New Rooms Inside
Section Picture Plane AA
Section Picture Plane BB
11. Cupola
Spiral Stair
Study/Reading Room
Section Perspective AA: LookingEast
12. Attic
Spiral Stair
Section Perspective AA: LookingEast
13. Ascending Spiral Stair
From bottom to top the new stair should tilt away from its nested center toward the attic spaces of assembly, sharing and engagement, leaving the cupola available for a special use.
Materials should promote translucency and kinetic experience with diverse insights.
The material surfaces and details provide many opportunities for collaborations with language and visual text.
The special attributes of the new CupolaRoom provides another feature merging prophetic and historic significance.
14. Cupola Lounge
Spiral Stair
Steel Column
Steel Risers
with Translucent
Glass Treads
15. This room will be the primary study, lounge and gathering place for students in the English Department.Wrapping this room with a translucent and illuminated shelving and cabinetry (lights are embedded within the standards) that holds special texts and objects, is a conscious effort to embody the aspirations of linking literary and material culture.
The intelligent and responsive window treatments and digitally linked and balanced lighting will permit a wide range of alternative venues, and do so while dramatically improving the energy performance, appearance and comfort of the spaces.
Study, Lounge and Reading Room
16. 17. Heritage/Reception Room

  • A new completely flexible and responsive heritage and reception room area at the upper floor can be created by cutting and integrating the original steel columns into a truss system of steel tension rods and compressive beams.

18. Flexible and diverse furniture will permit wide and dynamic use of the space. 19. A transformable private reading or presentation room is created in the Northwest corner of the Library with a separate entrance.