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PILLARS 2010. ACLC(BC) Handbook and Discussion. ACLC(BC) Handbook. To provide SCs and others with a simple handy reference for the conduct of SC business To assist the SC in finding information To provide joint planning assistance. Joint Planning for Success Issues. Timeliness (2) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of PILLARS 2010

  • PILLARS 2010ACLC(BC) Handbook andDiscussion

  • ACLC(BC) Handbook To provide SCs and others with a simple handy reference for the conduct of SC businessTo assist the SC in finding informationTo provide joint planning assistance

  • Joint Planning for SuccessIssuesTimeliness (2)Understanding the requirementsDisseminating the tasksConfirming the detailsImplementing the planCOMMUNICATIONS

  • Joint Planning for SuccessPlansTimelines (Appx 4)Activity plans (Appx 3)Communications Plan (Appx 10)Fundraising Plan (Appx 7)Recruiting Plan (Appx 8)

  • Discussion Items Working within the PartnershipSpeaking of Communications Financial Management PitfallsFundraising DilemmasSupply ShortfallsVolunteer Screening Challenges

  • Working within the (CIC/SC) PartnershipCommon objectivesUncommon backgroundsEvolving togetherCooperationPatience

  • Speaking of CommunicationsKeeping SC involved and connectedRegular CO updatesSC events and activitiesAccessibility of informationOn-lineHardcopyContact with other Corps

  • Financial Management Pitfalls

    Clear ResponsibilitiesFinancial accountabilityFinancial recordsBudget planning and tracking

  • Fundraising DilemmasReturn worth the effort?Is it appropriate?Is there satisfaction or fun involved?

  • Supply ShortfallsRecords of purchasesIncorporating in supply accountsSeparate or combined DND/SC?Security of stores

  • Volunteer Screening ChallengesProcess is well definedKeep it simpleProfessional approach is confidence builder for parents

  • Wrap up CommentsFeedback is essentialSuggestions are encouragedKeep in touch

  • Joint Planning for SuccessSC/DND ResponsibilitiesDND/ACL Memorandum of Understanding outlines overall responsibilities, howeverMust be tempered with practicalityMust consider local conditions and capabilitiesMust not lose sight of the objectiveJOINT PLANNING IS ESSENTIAL

  • Sponsoring CommitteeAnnual Planning Timelines (1)

  • Sponsoring CommitteeAnnual Planning Timelines(2)

    JulParticipate in Canada Day parade and activitiesDir RecruitingAugustIssue Newsletter to parents of returning cadets outlining annual plan, SC activities and volunteer requirementsDir Communications AugustConduct Exec meeting to develop/review annual committee plan to include; recruiting, fundraising, communications, Fun activities,Chair, ExecAugustPrepare Gaming Commission ApplicationDir Fundraising AugustPrepare for initial parents meeting and AGMChair, AllSeptemberConduct recruiting activities at local schoolsDir RecruitingSeptemberConduct initial committee meetingChair, ExecSeptemberConduct monthly Fun activityAllSeptemberPrepare fund raising requests to sponsors, community clubs, etc.Dir FundraisingSeptemberAssist with Charity activitiesDir Fund RaisingSeptemberPrepare for AGMExecSeptemberSubmit Gaming ApplicationDir Fund Raising

  • Sponsoring Committee Annual Planning Timelines(3)

  • Sponsoring CommitteeActivity Plan (1)ADMINISTRATION

    DATE: 14 Dec 08ACTIVITY: Christmas DinnerOPI: Jane/ John Doe (JD)

    LocationConfirm venue and catering15 OctJDProgram and scheduleReview program and schedule15 NovChair/JD/COParticipantsConfirm attendees (Cadets, parents, CIC, staff, guests)1 DecJDInternal SupportSetup crewParent chaperons for danceAppoint MOC and discuss responsibilities15 Nov1 Dec1 DecJD:External SupportArrange for piperEntertainment?1 DecChair

  • LOGISTICS COMMUNICATIONSSponsoring CommitteeActivity Plan (2)

    TransportNil requiredSupplyArrange for audio systemArrange for flags and standsPodium??15 Nov15 Nov1 DecSupOFeedingArrange menu, seating, serving details with caterer15 NovJDFinancialConfirm budget - $2100.00Sponsor recognition?Raise cheques/payments15 NovAs reqdTreasurer

    Programs:Print programs1 DecDir CommsInvitationsPrepare invitation list (Parents, VIPs, Sponsors, Associates)Print and distribute invitations1 Nov 15 NovDir CommsSecretaryNewsletter/WebsiteInitial notice and informationFull details published15 Oct15 NovDir CommsDir CommsPressPost event article and pictures15 DecDir Comms