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  • PicsArt Monthly | 1 MonthlyIssue #09 | June 2014 A Photographers Guide to the USA 8 Killer Tips for Air Show Photography Add Flare to Your Photos
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  • Pro Insight 08 | The Many Facets of Travel Light Inspiration 14 | Sharing Moments by the Shore 58 | PicsArtist Roxys Visceral Mobile Art PicsArt In Action 26 | Add Flare to Your Photos Tutorials 30 | 8 Killer Tips for Air Show Photography 40 | Creative Edits: A City on the Back of an Animal 48 | How to Draw Amazing Anime Using PicsArt 52 | Design a Summer Vacation Postcard What's New 68 | PicsArt's New & Exciting Features 74 | A Brief Introduction to Photo History Interview 82 | Celebrity Photographer Jason Bell Feature 102 | Bewitched by Blight 104 | A Photographers Guide to the USA 116 | DIY Wall Decorations for Kid's Room 118 | Daniels Twisted Animal Crime Lineup
  • 6| PicsArt Monthly Follow us... Meet our team... Editor-in-Chief | Arusiak Kanetsyan Art Editor | Cristina Gevorg Designer | Ina Sarko Copy Editor | Arto Vaun, Cameron Sheldon Editorial Contributors | Arto Vaun, Satenig Mirzoyan, Mark Gargarian, Heather Parry Special Contributors | Lou Jones, Chris Corradino In-House Photographer | ma_lina Address: PicsArt Inc., 800 West El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA 94040 Publisher: PicsArt Coverphoto:JasonBell @ma_lina
  • PicsArt Monthly | 7 Copyright of Socialln Inc. ( PicsArt Photo Studio ) 2013. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be re-used without the written permission of the publisher. The content of this magazine is for informational purposes only and is, to the best of our knowledge, correct at the time of publication. PicsArt Photo Studio does not claim any ownership right for the photos in the Magazine. All photos,if not mentioned otherwise, are the property of respective PicsArt users. The PicsArt username or photo owner is cited on each photo. PicsArt Photo Studio has a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, limited licence to use, modify, add to, publicly perform, publicly display, and reproduce PicsArt users photos, including without limitation distributing part or all of the Magazine in any media formats through any media channels. Were turning the corner into summers full blast, which means sun, fun, and friends. That energy is reflected in the June issue of PicsArt Magazine. As you relax and enjoy the summer warmth, check out what we have in store in this issue There are many talented, budding artists in the our community. In this issue we highlight the work of Roxy H.Art, who uses PicsArt to mix in photography and drawing, resulting in unique works of art. Her work is bold, honest, and well worth checking out. Whats the one image most people think of when they think of summer? The beach! We bring you a diverse collection of beach images from different perspectives and regions. From industrial ports and desolate beauty, to fun-filled party scenes, beaches are poetic spaces where the sea meets the land, and these photos capture that perfectly. Along with the warmth of summer come the unique shades of sunlight. Many photographers strive to capture and play with light. Often, even pros capture flares and twinkling light by accident. PicsArt offers some dazzlingly realistic lens flares that can be inserted during the editing process. We provide a helpful article to illustrate the uses of lens flares. Jason Bell is one of the best known portrait photographers working today. His work has appeared in magazines like Vanity Fair and Vogue, and he has photographed everyone from the royal family to movie stars. In this issue, Bell talks about his background, photos, and life as a high profile photographer. Theres much more in the June issue of PicsArt Magazine, so sit back, enjoy the sunshine, and check out all the useful, entertaining articles and photos! Welcome! As always, please give us your feedback at
  • 8| PicsArt Monthly The Many Facets of Travel Lights By Lou Jones Straphanging on an overcrowded Green Line subway, squeezed between a too young mother with baby stroller and a hipster with a too big backpack, I spotted someone carrying a tote bag with the most cryptic logo stenciled on the side: TRAVEL LIGHT THINK SMART. I was about to dismiss it until I realized how many ways that message might be interpreted. I still have no idea what they were advertising but my mind raced. 1. If you plan on venturing more than three zip codes away from home and dont want the hassle, you can enlist travel services. By changing the spelling (Travel LITE), we derive another name for convenience-based travel. This often is to made-up locales like Disneyland or Six Flags or household destinations like Paris and Cancun: school vacation tours, package deals with groups of like-minded tourists and fun-filled resorts as opposed to hard places with names that have no vowels or are necessary to look up in a dictionary. In lieu of hardcore immersion into a new location, these excursions offer enjoyment from managed sightseeing where most of the amenities are provided. They also scream for selfie photographs to make your friends back home jealous.
  • PicsArt Monthly | 9 Travel Lite is intended to reduce stress, generate new experiences and maximize convenience. The terminus may be secondary to the service. 2. As an inveterate travel photographer, I often tote everything but the kitchen sink. Besides cameras and lenses (visas, Lomotil, GPS,...), the most obvious is lighting equipment for my assignments. Over the past few years I have reduced the size and weight of everything I carry. Using speedlights, which are small and portable, has lightened my burden substantially. I suppose you could call the speedlights (Nikon) and speedlites (Canon),TRAVEL LIGHTS.
  • 10| PicsArt Monthly On the other hand you might also need a nightlight that dangles from the end of your key chain to find the bathroom, outhouse or latrine in some one-star motel or campground in Albuquerque or Ayers Rock. 3. Abusing the privilege of moving unencumbered across the far reaches of our planet, tourists of all types scorch the earth with their expectations, culture, money, politics, etc. Their mere presence changes things. Tourists pollute, steal antiquities, burden the ecology, and stereotype the natives. We need to tread lightly or travel light in order to be responsible guests.
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  • 12| PicsArt Monthly There is a famous quote Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures. It should be the photographers mantra. 4. The most likely meaning for the above slogan is important too. As a general rule, people who only venture out once in a while carry too much stuff. They pack for every contingency--that fancy ball gown--just in case. The phrase Pack Right Travel Light advises to pack your bags paying attention only to what is absolutely necessary. There is nothing more unnecessary than being trapped by heavy luggage. It is expensive to get onto planes. Inertia. It slows you down. You can hurt yourself or others. I try to adhere to a rule: dont carry it if you cant run with it. I have spent years seeking better designed gear that shaves ounces off my kit. Camera bags that give you scoliosis really slow you down unless you are attempting an assignment that requires an inordinate amount of preparation. Catching a taxi, train or bus overloaded with too much stuff diminishes reasons for traveling in the first place. And they are the mark of the ugly tourist. 5. THINK SMART. Well that goes without saying. And I had to catch another subway anyway.
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  • 14| PicsArt Monthly Sharing Moments by the Shore PicsArtists Share Their Snapshots of the Sand, Sun & Waves Beaches are everywhere, yet no two beaches are the same. Similarly, PicsArtists are everywhere, yet no two have the same eye or photographic flair. When we look at these photos of the seaside collected from a community as large and diverse as PicsArt, we can't help but appreciate the experiences we share in common in addition to the idiosyncrasies that make us unique. These photos tell the story of where the water meets the land. The beach is a place where people come to do anything and everything - build sandcastles, surf, go for a swim, take a pensive stroll or just sit and enjoy the view. As enormous freightliners move in and out of harbors with loads of cargo, small groups of beachgoers paddle out in tiny kayaks. Birds circle overhead in search of fish or seek refuge ashore only to get chased away by small children. This collection of photos convey the experiences and memories as seen by PicsArtists on various shores scattered around the world. They are so vivid, you can almost taste the salt or a cool ocean breeze whipping across your face... @cathyhelix
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