PickupPal Eco-Rideshare Program

The World’s First Online Transportation Marketplace September 1, 2008


PickupPal is the largest online carpooling community in the world.We facilitate ridesharing for hundreds of thousands of people and help leading brand name organizations carpool their employees, customers and fans.

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The World’s First Online Transportation Marketplace

September 1, 2008

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Why PickupPal Now

PickupPal is directly leveraging a unique confluence of three global events that together create the ideal online service.

Web’s SocialNetwork Explosion

Soaring GlobalGas Prices

Global WarmingIs Here = PublicGHG Reduce Now

Trust & Affinity

Financial Squeeze

Behavoural Change




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What is PickupPal

• Online transportation marketplace allowing anyone driving a vehicle or needing a ride to give/get or sell/buy a seat(s) along their journey, anywhere in the world.

• Uses proprietary software to instantaneously match drivers and passengers by profile preferences and location with a powerful suite of online software tools for members to communicate, make a bid/offer, settlement and confirm rides via an e-ticket.

• Launched in January 2008, is the world’s largest ride-share website; active in over 50 countries, registered users of 130,000+, over 1 million page views a month, and more than 100 brand name partners, including Live Nation, AEG Live, Home Depot, Nike, Virgin, and the Canadian Football League.

• Online social venue for users to match-up for rides either at our mainwebsite and/or through our unique and powerful white-labeled Eco-Rideshare Program (ERP) website(s) built for specific groups, recurring events, locations or corporations.

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What is PickupPalDEFINITION: PickupPal is a global, eco-friendly transportation revolution that connects drivers and passengers with the places they need to go.

Vital Statistics

Launched: Jan 2008

Current Growth: 1,320% / month 750+ new mem/day 10,000+ uniques/day

2008 Trend: 200,000 Members

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Who is Using PickupPal

100s Festivals, Sporting Events and Corporations.

Over 130,000 Registered Users in 50 countries. Snap Shot of UsersNeedDrivers Offering 44%Passengers Seeking 56%

GenderDrivers: 75/25% (m/f)Passengers: 35/65% (m/f)

InternationalUSA: 31.2%Canada: 22.9%UK: 17%Australia: 4.8%Next 20: 2.7%

Top CitiesAtlanta, USAToronto, CanadaLancaster, UKVancouver, CanadaLondon, UKLos Angeles, USA

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PickupPal in Action

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INTRODUCING “Eco-Rideshare Program”

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Eco-Rideshare Target Markets

EVENT-based, destination transportation needs(Destination Group: a group of like minded-people sharing a common interest and geographic location/schedule)

• Sports – Professional and Amateur

• Artists/Venues/Concerts/Festivals – Multi-city venues

• Trade Shows/Conferences – Event managers

• Universities/Colleges – student transportation; alumni events

• Corporations – offsite meetings; travel to and from or between offices

• Rallies – Political; Union, Environmental

• Medical – Volunteer; Cancer Society; Veterans

• Non-profit group – Fundraising Events

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PickupPal v2 Additional Target Markets

*GROUP-based, affinity transportation needs (Affinity Group: a group of like minded-people sharing a degree of trust who coordinate their activity)

• Auto - Cars, Motorcycles, Trailers, Off Road

• Books – Authors, Genres

• Financial – Investing Strategies, Shareholders

• Hobbies – Arts, Crafts, Beekeeping, Aviation, Audiophile

• Languages – hundreds of groups

• Music - Global in scope

*PickupPal v2 is launching in October and will provide Group and Self-serve Eco-Rideshare page creation capability

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Sample Eco-Rideshare PartnersFACT: Virgin festivals in NorthAmerica selected PickupPal’s ERPfor all concerts est. 500k attendees.

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ERP Program Specifics

What do we do for Eco-Rideshare Partners? Create a custom branded version of PickupPal website for the

event, listing all dates/locations.

Provide easy way for users to share rides to and from events.

Provide detailed reporting on user activity/carbon avoided.

Provide dedicated resources to answer any questions or

support issues partners/users may have.


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Sample Eco-Rideshare Program Webpage

Event LocationsPre-populated in Drop Down

Tracking allCO2 andMileageAvoided for the Event

See & MeetOther Users

Event MapsSee DriverRoute & PickupLocation

Easy Sign Up Process

Powerful “Green” Messaging

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Reporting - sample

Powerful Reporting

Summarizing all Home Depot locations, or by specific store


Membership Activity


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Creative Incentives to Carpool - sample

Reserved Parking for those who Carpool:

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Eco-Rideshare Benefits

What’s in it for Eco-Rideshare Partners?

Events More Accessible = Increase attendance / drive

incremental awareness.

Green Leadership = Positive image and tangible carbon

footprint reduction RESULTS through promotion of eco-

friendly ridesharing

Quality of Event = reduce attendee frustration that comes

with parking & congestion.

Momentum = Create more affinity for the event/series.

It’s Free = No cost to Partner

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ERP Program Specifics

What do we ask you to do?

Incorporate our PickupPal Partner branding and messaging into your event marketing plan to create awareness and drive uptake.

Link your website to the custom Eco-Rideshare Program

microsite that we create for you, with PickupPal partner

logos and description of program in key areas (home

page, green, transportation)

e-newsletters; press release; radio; printed material;

announcements at events

participate in promotions/cross-promotions with other

PickupPal partners

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ERP Program Summary

Process: (typically two week turnaround)

1.Send PickupPal your official logos, dates and locations of the event(s). From

there, we’ll create the custom page for you and send back to you for approval.

(1 week)

2.Integrate the PickupPal Eco-Rideshare program into your marketing activities

to help create awareness. We provide PickupPal Partner logos and suggested

text to use, as well as creative ideas to help drive awareness and uptake of the


3.We both sign PickupPal Partner Agreement, which essentially provides

indemnification for the Partner and allows PickupPal use of your trademark to

create the page and for marketing purposes.

4.Once live, we’ll provide you with a web-based reporting system that you can

use to track usage of ridesharing. This is an excellent closed-loop mechanism

to gauge success and tweak campaigns to drive uptake.

5.PickupPal provides a Community Relations representative who will answer

any questions and help synch communications strategy.

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Further Info

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