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Welcome To Du Monde (est.2003) the leading piano moving company in Vancouver BCDuMonde (est. 2003), a commercial & residential reputable piano-furniture-appliance..., moving delivery installation company based in Vancouver provides efficient/effective services and removal of all your unwanted junks like furniture, mattress, appliance, garbage and much more. As per your preferences, we will deliver the services, no matter whether you want to recycle, reuse or donate the junks. For immediate junk removal in Vancouver BC Canada, serving beautiful British Columbians. Pls contact ustoday at1-888-570-8880!



ServicesEvery move is unique, and at DuMonde, we have the flexibility and expertise of ensuring that your move will be tailored perfectly to your needs. We have earned our reputation as Canadas reliable mover by means of taking pride in each of our work, and caring for our customers. Our agents are always ready to provide professional help with anything that you need, ranging from full service to DIY storage and moving services. Moving Quotes Our DuMonde agents will be consulting with you on protection, packing, and service options in order to configure a moving package that exactly suits your needs.



Piano Movers in Vancouver

Are you looking to hire piano movers in Vancouver? DuMonde uses state-of-art tools and industry-best techniques to move pianos without offering any damage. Our piano movers are qualified professionals; who can handle moving of pianos, regardless the moving destination you want to move in. To know more in detail, feel free to call us at 1-888-570-8880!


Contact UsAt Du Monde, we respectfully appreciate hearing from you regarding all our services to you. We are fully available here, attentively listening to you Mailing:203-3345 KingswayVancouver BC V5R 0A7 Canadaemail: [email protected]: 1-778-223-3468FX: 1-778-223-4014TF: 1-888-570-8880