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  • Photography Applications Alan Smith
  • Advertising Advertising photography refers to the art of taking pictures that are used to create awareness of a particular product or service to the public. The photographs are mostly used by advertising agencies to market a product Applying photography to advertising can be the most persuasive way when looking at a product and how you want it to be portrayed by the viewer. Advertising Photography is all about creating an image as ultimately it is about making your product look good enough for the targeted demographic. For example a photograph taken by Frederic Streicher for Audi. It is down to making it suitable for the client and where he is targeting Car owners who consider themselves achievers out of the psychographics concerned and that the image represents a quick, clean and stylish product. The other image of Hollister has used photograph advertising to another level. Having such a huge image representing the product it is almost impossible to not notice.
  • When looking at past and current ways of advertising through photographs you can see that how much influence it can have over the way people live their lives. You can see similarities to this day to how manipulated photographs with captions can make you buy a product that you have seen advertised. Old images were taken then developed to promote products such as cigarettes and alcohol. Advertising through photography is to create an image that best describes your product. Alcohol adverts use photographs to do this. As you can see the bottle has been merged together with a city. Here is a good example of photo manipulation as it has two images together in one.
  • Contexts that have Advertising photography are magazines that include images of products usually found in the back of the publishing, Newspapers where a small image can be taken of a certain product to advertise for a small fee and Web pages that are the most likely way of seeing photographs for a product. This is because of the increase in that target audience using the internet. Images that are taken are developed through the post production to look presentable and then uploaded to some social network sites such as twitter for the audience to see their work. Photographers will also keep their work on websites to show in their portfolio in order to attract more customers. A good example of advertising through photography is the Apple adverts. These include the product and all that is included in it on a simplistic photograph with a little caption. This is not a bright, colourful, expensive advert with a lot going on but instead it is describing the product from what people will already know about it. Due to their high reputation the advert does not have to be very technical. This particular advert can be seen in newspapers, technical magazines and on the internet.
  • A Current Advertising Photographer is that of Michael Molloy. He photographs people for brochures, press releases, websites & all forms of marketing and advertising. Here the image taken by Michael is a close up portrait, it has been taken inside in a studio because of the black background and lack of natural light coming onto the lens. The photographer likes to keep simplicity in his images and does not like to have too much going on. Here it is clear that two colours have been preferred, black and white. There has been no added saturation however the contrast has been lowered as the jacket is not as bold as can be. Jay Maisel, born January 18th 1931. Most known images is his photograph of Miles Davis that appeared on the cover of Davis's album Kind of Blue. (image on right)
  • This can also been seen as a candid photograph because Miles Davis is not looking at the camera and the photograph is designed to make it look like it is not expected. The shutter speed of the camera must have been quick as not a lot of light has been let through in the image. This again was on purpose to set the scene and relate to that deep, soul music. This promotional image by Maisel was taken with a lot of knowledge. As said before the photograph is taken it is important to relate it to the client so it will look better when selling to the audience targeted. The image of Miles Davis does not only include the instrument that he is playing which is clear to see when buying the product, but also that he is wearing a blue jacket. The blue being important as this goes hand in hand with the title of Kind of Blue. The musician is smiling to portray what that genre of music does to the listener and the expression is deliberately used because of this. The photograph is a close up on the musician. The image has been toned down and darkened to blend in to the black background of the studio it has been taken in. The composition of the image has been well thought about as it was clear that the client wanted space on the right to put the title.
  • Promotion Promotional Photography is very similar to advertising as they share the way of taking a photograph to express what they feel the product needs to be seen as. However, Promotional photography focuses on raising profile rather than direct sales. Examples of this can be seen through a photographer that might go on tour with a band and make the public aware of where they are and how they are preforming, also just to give a clue to people that of what music genre they go under and to possibly recruit more of a fan base. Promotional Photography can be found in magazines or fanzines of the music culture. As well as some newspapers and if there is a local gig or performance it may be seen on a billboard or hoarding of a large size to make sure it stands out. Here an example on the right is a well enhanced image of a Musician, PitbulI. It is obvious that it has been post produced with a lot of artificial light and bright colours used to cover the majority of the original image. This is used to make the image look more appropriate to the demographic that listens to him, that of a vibrant and exciting person. Current promotional photography can be seen on the image of the tour bus here on the right. This was taken by Abel Longoria on a Digital SLR camera. As you can see it has had no flash on camera meaning a darker image can be seen. Also with a 0 Aperture priority the photograph has been designed to look black and white with a shadow. This could be to represent the music of that band, should they be a heavy metal or rock band, this would best describe them to viewers of the photographs that can be found on the authors website. 7
  • Fashion Fashion photography is a genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items. Fashion photography is most often conducted for advertisements or fashion magazines. Fashion Photography when taken appears in obvious magazines such as vogue, however the internet holds the well edited images. The fashion side also shares similarities when looking at advertising because both are heavily edited and adjusted to make the photograph appeal more to the magazine and to who they are targeting. As you can see on the image it is heavily worked on to apply to what the magazine is trying to get across. You can see how the special lighting makes the image look more professional and stands out from the page. The composition of the edited photograph here is seen as the image is covering the whole page and done deliberately. The colours used have been saturated to a darker red and purple because this is seen as a popular colour at the moment and the majority of the magazine will include red highlights in some form, such as text. Or background. The front of the magazine is setting a scene for the rest of the publication. The lighting used by the photographer here will be that of front light as it is focusing at the person, also there is no sign of shadow to indicate that of natural light being exposed. Here the woman on the photograph has been sharpened up to stand out from the background and white text. The brightness has been lowered and the contrast increased so the facial features can be seen more clearly and so the photograph becomes more bold.
  • A Current Fashion photographer is Sarah Bird, she is award winning for her images taken on hair and beauty and all that surrounds the fashion culture. She focuses on indoor studio photographs taken on women. She has worked for a variety of clients such as Oakley, Irregular Choice and Posthuman Wardrobe. Her photography work has been featured in British Vogue, Metro newspaper, Evening Standard and Fashion Capital. Her photographs taken have also been in books sold internationally and can be seen in exhibitions. Richard Avedon ( 1923 2004) was an American fashion and portrait photographer. An obituary published in The New York Times said that "his fashion and portrait photographs helped define America's image of style, beauty and culture for the last half-century A collection of his work can be seen on the right.
  • Photojournalism Photojournalism is where pictures are used to contribute to the news, it is used to further someone's understanding on a certain story being told in the media. Photojournalism can come in many forms, such as War and the paparazzi however sport can also be captured and in some of the best photographs. Here it is clear that a picture re