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  1. 1. Photography Applications Craig Cassidy1
  2. 2. Advertising/Promotional Advertising or promotional photography is probably one of the most present forms of photography you will see day in day out. Photography for the purposes of advertisement typically will consist of photos of the product which is being advertised and then other props will be used such as people or the product will be placed on some form of scenery to help and sell it. Its essentially all bout creating a good image of the product so that people will be attracted by it. Promotional photographs is quite similar to advertising photography although is kind of a way to raise a products popularity and get the product out there so people know of its existence. In 1843 the first photograph with the intention to advertise was taken in the Philippines. Some renown advertisement photographers are Quentin Shih, Herv lefebvre (one of his advertisement photographs is featured on the bottom right) and Bert Hardy who was originally a photographer for the Army during World War II and then he went onto become a very successful advertisement photographer. These photographs can appear basically anywhere now Most commonly the images which are photographed for advertising purposes are quite heavily edited to make sure that the image will look the best it possibly can do because you wouldnt want a photograph which is intended to sell something to look bad, they will do this by possibly using artificial lighting to highlight specific parts of the photograph or to just give it that high end look. Also there is no specific lenses which should be used for advertising purposes because it all depends on the type of shoot which you want to do.
  3. 3. The photograph is definitely controlled , the car might have been stationary when the photo was taken. Then post-production work done on it.Rain droplets potentially edited into the photo emphasise on speed , also suggest that the car will handle well in the rain.A high quality camera has been used to capture the vast range of colours in the image.Colours seem emphasised, to add colour to a generally dark photo.From what I can see there has been artificial light used to make the car the main thing you see in the photo, also one half of the car appears to be light and the other half dark is this referring to the light and dark side of the car?The car seems to carve its way through the rain The photo is generally quite dark, that will cause the association of the BMW being a dark horse .
  4. 4. Fashion Fashion photographs are photographs which are taken of clothes typically to try and promote and sell a certain fashion brands clothing. Fashion photography will commonly include a model whether it be male or female with certain items of clothing on, the model could just be on a plain background or in a scene which will try and help attract the audience. Fashion photography originates from early as the 1800s in the form of a book created by Adolphe Braun which contained 288 photographs of Virginia Oldoini the Countess di Castiglione (one photograph of her is in the bottom left corner) the photographs depicted her in her official court garb, technically making her the first fashion model. There are numerous other famous fashion photographers such as Annie Leibovitz, Leibovitz was famous for he photos which were set in a fairy tale theme. Irving Penn and Albert Watson are also other famous fashion photographers. Fashion photographs are most commonly taken with the purpose to be put into an advert, you will most commonly see them in magazine such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle & Glamour magazines which are all fashion magazines, you will also see fashion photographs on Billboards and other forms of adverts as well. Most commonly Fashion shoots will take place in a studio which has been constructed for the purpose of the shoot, this is so they can get the lighting for the shoot just right, but sometimes the shoots can take place on a real location. The images which are photographed are usually quite heavily edited, not so much to do with the clothes but to make the models look better they will do this because , if the person who is wearing the clothes appears to be a beautiful person will associate that piece of clothing with beauty and ar5e likely to think that they will look beautiful wearing it.
  5. 5. The photo will also have been controlled as the model will have been told to pose in the certain ways she has, one way you could argue that it could be observational is that it might be a ballet dancer and a photographer might have taken images of her dancing and then compiled them together. The photo has been heavily edited, as you can see from the multiple shots of the same women in the image, this will have been done by the women posing separately and then the all the images will have be compiled into one image. Another way in which it has been edited is the models face will have been airbrushed which is just a standard procedure for a fashion shoot.The lens which might have been used on this image would have been 25-30mil lens on the camera. Again because it has been shot in a studio and the lens will have been to compensate for the studio size.This photo has been shot in a studio and artificial lighting has been used as you can see by the strong shadows which are coming of the model, also there is a slight glow on the background. 5
  6. 6. Photojournalism Photojournalism, is photos which will usually contribute to a news media whether it be on the television or in a newspaper article. Seeing the news can be based on pretty much everything it means that you can be a photojournalist in a vast range of areas such as you can be a war/conflict photographer, natural disaster and music events. The first know photojournalist was a man called Carol Szathmari he photographed the Crimean War (one of his photos is featured on the bottom left hand side). Some other famous photojournalists are Phillip Jones Griffiths he was best known for his photojournalism work in the Vietnam War .David Burnett & Robert Frank are also other very well know photojournalist. As I said above there are intended mainly for the purpose of reporting something, my own personal definition for why we have photojournalism is, because sometimes words cant do an article justice and pictures can portray emotions better. The issue of editing the photos taken by a photojournalist has been a big issue, because some people feel that there should be no editing done because they are trying to document a matter and make the photo will most commonly be of a real life event and sometimes editing photos can give it an unrealistic feel. Others feel that a small amount of editing is acceptable. All the photos are observational rather than staged and the photographer will just take photos as an event occurs
  7. 7. The majority of documentary photos of this kind (reporting on war & conflict) seem to be in black and white, this always gives the place a less advanced feeling and promotes sympathy.Wide lens camera has been used to capture the village and the mountains and the sky in the background.Natural lighting, has been used. In this photo it might be stress the darkness of the photo with the only light source is what appears to be the sun behind the clouds, this could be a message about the part of the world they are inWhat appears to be a gun shot through the glass has been faded slightly but is still easily noticed, the fade could suggest that these people aren't covered in the news and forgotten about.Documentary photos like this will be shot on location all the time and aren't likely to be staged.Doesnt seem to be that heavily edited, documentary photographs do this to keep the real feeling there.7
  8. 8. Portraiture Portraiture photography is probably one of the most common forms of photography. Its often commonly referred to as portrait photos and its basically the art of capturing facial features and facial expressions as well. So basically any photograph that you capture with people in were their faces are showing is a portraiture photograph. The earliest portraiture photograph which was taken was a photo taken of a man called Robert Cornelius in 1839, he even took the photo himself by setting up his camera and after he removed the lens cap he sprinted into the frame. Since that photo was taken the art of portraiture photographs has changed a lot as they are usually taken to kind of tell a story at the same time some famous portraiture photographers are Diane Arbus, Angus McBean and Steve McCurry. There are two main approaches towards portraiture photography are the Constructionist approach which is where the photographer will construct a photograph around an idea such as a happy family photo or a romantic couple photograph. The second approach is the candid approach which is were the photo is taken without the person knowing, in my opinion this captures a more realistic outlook on the photograph because sometimes the constructionist approach can feel staged and awkward. Portraiture photographs can be taken in two locations; in a studio usually with artificial lighting which is were the constructionist approach comes in and then in an outdoor environment where you photograph just what you see this us were the candid approach comes into it. Editing can play a large part in portraiture photographs especially in studio photographs because the client might want the photo re-touched so it looks better and the people appear better.
  9. 9. Little post production work seems, to go on really in portraiture photos, other than the retouching of the facial features..In portraiture photos the background always seems to have a blurred effect on it, this is to bring all your attention onto the main focus of portraiture photos, which is the face and what expressions are being pulled.High quality cameras are