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PhotoTalkies a monthly e-magazine and is all about celebrating photography, and telling stories through images. In a joint venture between ZEISS and Kunzum. Enjoy the June 2014 edition of the same. And keep coming back for more.

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  • 1. PtaHlOkTieOs June 2014 Issue 05A Joint Initiative of Kunzum and ZEISSFACE TO FACEZEISS Touit Lensesas CompanionGLAMOUR &CATS THE BIG FASHION TIPS TECHof IndiaSony SmartbandNokia Lumia 630

2. ITS HOTTHE BEST TIME TOSPOT BIG CATSIf you want to go spotting the big cats in India, be prepared to sweat it out. And carry dollops ofsun protection creams, hats, comfortable clothing and water.The best time to meet lions, tigers and leopards in India is during the summer months of Mayand June when temperatures can come close to 50 degrees Centigrade. This is the time whenthe flora dries up to a great extent, which would normally camouflage animals from view evenif they were a few feet away. Water is scarce, and even the mightiest of animals cant live with-outit; you will thus find them lounging around the few water pools that remain naturally or arefilled by forest officials. The madding tourist crowd also tends to stay away - they often createtoo much of a ruckus, driving animals away. Sad.Not only the big cats, you will also get good viewings of other animals. For the same reasons asabove. And this is a delightful sight for the wildlife lover as well as the camera. Most parks closeby June 30, and reopen in September or October after the rains. So plan your trips accordingly.Till then, enjoy the photo feature on the wild cats in this issue.We have also started a special series on photography tips from the best of experts globally. Addto it the usual features on books, gadgets and apps and you have a well rounded issue of Photo-Talkies.Lets keep clicking together. And sharing our stories. Pictorially. Shot with a ZEISS.AJAY 3. PtaHlOkTieOs A Joint Initiative of Kunzum and ZEISSPHOTOTALKIES IS A MONTHLY DIGITALMAGAZINE. AND ITS FREE!! DOWNLOADAND READ ON YOUR IPAD, IPHONE ORANY OTHER TABLET, COMPUTER to contributeto PhotoTalkies?Ping us at mail@kunzum.comDisclaimer: All articles and photographs in this magazine are the opinions of therespective contributors. It is understood that they own the copyright to the same, orhave the rights to offer the same under their bylines. ZEISS is not responsible forthe authenticity of any of the articles and photographs, nor will be held liable for anydisputes, claims and liabilities arising out of ownership or copyright issues of the contentin the magazine.CONTENTSThe Big Cats of India 05FACE TO FACE:The ZEISS Touit 1.8/32 as a constant companion 22GLAMOUR, FASHION & MAKE UP 28FUZEL: The App for Collages 35Sony Smartband 36Nokia Lumia 630 3710 Photography Tips for Every Travelling Shutterbug 39The Complete Book of the World Cup 42 4. 08 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 5. 09 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 6. 13 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 7. 14 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 8. 16 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 9. 17 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 10. 18 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 11. 19 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 12. 20 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 13. FACETOFACEThe ZEISS Touit 1.8/32 as a constant companionConsalvo de Costa has discovered the ZEISS Touit 1.8/32and now uses it to create classic portraits in black andwhite.Sparring partner22 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 14. Consalvo de Costa has a constant companion: the ZEISS Touit 1.8/32on a compact system camera (X-Pro 1). Portraits are his passionand he is always on the lookout for interesting faces. Sometimes heapproaches strangers in a bar, or accompanies colleagues to theirsports activities. Three of my colleagues box in their free time. I tooka few pictures during their training sessions and the results werereally surprising. The aggressive impression here is deceptive. Allthree are pretty reserved. That makes the pictures that bit moreinteresting: I was able to bring out another aspect of theirpersonalities.Punch23 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 15. When de Costa started seriously withphotography in 2011 and boughta full-frame SLR camera, he quicklybecame interested in portraits andthe big names in the genre, such asIrving Penn. My portraits are notsnapshots; they require organizationand planning. Nevertheless, I keepthe setting as simple as possible. Ioften use a small reflector screen,or a soft box with a synchronizedstandard flash. Equally important isestablishing contact with eachmodel my daughter is in the picturebelow and not letting yourself hidebehind a large camera.Melancholy pride24 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 16. De Costas tendency towards sim-plicityis what originally brought himto the Touit 1.8/32 in the autumn of2013. His single-lens reflex system be-cametoo bulky and he was lookingfor an alternative one that would notrequire him to lower his standards interms of quality. My photo dealer letme test the Touit for an hour. After afew test shots I knew: this is it. It notonly makes exceptional images, it alsofeels good in your hands.Kitchen helpers25 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 17. De Costa initially had doubts about whether the standard 48mm(with crop factor of 1.5) was a not-too-short focal length forportrait photography. But the Touit 1.8/32 proved a positivesurprise in that respect. The lens delivers amazingly sharppictures that and this is very important in portraiture are alsocompletely distortion-free. I think the combination of a Touit witha system camera even exceeds the quality of a full format.Using this combination, a photographers every need is met with one caveat. Without wanting to exaggerate, I often thinkthat this Touit is the perfect lens for my needs. But of course Imvery curious about the new Touit 2.8/50M. With its moderatetele focal length, it must be very well suited to portraits as well.Well see.Distant viewAbout Consalvo de CostaConsalvo de Costa has been taking pictures since hischildhood. While studying business, he also enjoyedspending time in the dark room. Today, he lives inMilan and works in the marketing department of a health-carecompany. Visual communication is an important partof his daily work. And he takes that with him after work,experimenting with his camera in many very different ways. PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 18. GLAMOUR,FASHION &MAKE-UPThe ZEISS TouitFashion and beauty photographer Sonja Dirscherl akaMIA ROYAL tested exclusively the new ZEISS Touit2.8/50M against the tough conditions of a studio. And sheis enthusiastic. The light and flexible combination of asystem camera with a Touit exceeded expectationscompared to a full-frame camera that latter the normalbenchmark for professional photography.28 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 19. Today DSLR cameras are state of the art for studio photography. Butpowerful compact system cameras (CSC) are increasingly becoming aviable option in this discipline too. And Sonja Dirscherl, a fashion andbeauty photographer from Cologne, couldnt agree more. She discov-eredthe X system from Fujifilm and likes how light and flexible thesecameras are. When working with a compact system camera in the studio,she doesnt disappear behind a large single-lens reflex camera, but insteadcan communicate directly with her models during a shoot. In other words,she is both present and unobtrusive at the same time. When asked last fallwhether she wanted to try the new Touit 2.8/50M exclusively before theofficial launch, she immediately said yes and was surprised by theexcellent results.Together with one of her clients, a professional make-up school in Cologne,Dirscherl organized a six-hour shoot in December 2013. The graduates ofpro academy learn make-up techniques that are in demand in photogra-phy,film and television. They use finely pigmented high-end cosmeticsbecause todays cameras can pick up even the tiniest blemish and imper-fectionof the skin, she says. Five young make-up artists carried out theirfinal thesis on five models, which provided Dirscherl with ample oppor-tunityto test the Touit 2.8/50M. The macro characteristics of the Touitreally add value in my work, she says. Thanks to the large magnificationpower that is possible, I can easily take detailed shots of such details aslips or eyes, where you can clearly identify the structure of a single hair,pore and even the pigmentation of the eye shadow. That level of detail isexpected these days from a lens in cosmetics photography. At the sametime, I barely had to do any extra work during the editing for example forre-sharpening.X-E2, Touit 2.8/50M, f/13, 1/160 sec, ISO 200Watch it here - PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 20. XE-2, Touit 2.8/50M, f/8, 1/160 sec, ISO 20030 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 21. X-M1, Touit 2.8/50M, f/13, 1/160 sec, ISO 250One particular feature autofocus - is particularly important for Dirscherl.Characteristic for the Touit family, autofocus is generally unusual forZEISS. I cant really use manual focusing in my work because in fashionphotography you want to have the body language, which comes from themodels movements. For this, I need equipment that reacts immediately;otherwise the poses change before I can capture them. In this sense theTouit 2.8/50M really won me over. It not only has a pleasant surface feel,which ensures good handling, but also a super-fast autofocus with a shortreaction time.Reacting fast is vital in studio photography, but of course the center ofattention is always the final image, as Dirscherl herself emphasizes.For a professional photographer like myself, Touit lenses are extremelyinteresting. For me, a fixed focal length is always my first choice becauseI am dependent on a higher focus and strong contrast. In portrait andfashion photography, it is extremely important that there are no anatomicdistortions in the images, for example as a result of converging lines. The50 mm focal length of the Touit 2.8/50M is ideally suited for this. It createsa fantastic, n