Photo shoot plan

Photo shoot plan
Photo shoot plan
Photo shoot plan
Photo shoot plan
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Unit G321 Foundation Portfolio in Media Photo-shoot Plan

Project title: FLAVA


I used this font as my title as the letters AVA in the word Flava work well being next to each other and add aesthetic qualities to the magazine. The connotations of the word FLAVA highlight to the reader taking a flavor of the information within the article from the front cover where the masthead will be placed. The use of the letters being skinny and ordered highlights the professionalism of the magazine and its contents which is loosely contrasted by the misspelling of the word FLAVA which relates to the stereotypical hip-hop vocabulary.

Project Description:

For my project I will be creating a front cover, Double page spread and Contents page for my magazine. The Hip-hop genre and my magazine of inspiration will inspire these, which will be an issue of XXL. I will be including interviews and biographies from artists that I like. Furthermore the magazine will be filled in with a number of different adverts like for; Headphones, Clothing, Shoes, jewelry and drinks. The pages hat require a model will all be of images of myself for consistency.


My Photographer will be other class-mates who will photograph me. The shot types will be medium close-up without any extravagant angles used. I will have high key lighting. Post production I will advance the detail on the photo using adobe Photoshop.

Reference images and ideas:


I may be using one of these models as they compliment the typical hip-hop listeners and so they will be viable models for my magazine front cover or other images inside my magazine.

Model requirements:

My model should be fairly tall and be a stereotypical Hip-hop artist who has Afro hair fairly dark skin and a laid back approach to photo-shoots. Furthermore they have to wear urban clothes with little accessories that stand out.

Wardrobe and Look:

These items express the urban nature of a hip-hop artist. I have assembled these clothes from shops like Top-man and Burton.

Hair and Make up:

I will not use any makeup but the models hair will be afro style. This is as a lot of hip hop artists have afro style of hair.


When:7th November, afterschool as this will be a time when I will be able to take the photos without disturbances.

Name: Shaune HazlehurstCandidate Number: 3065