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Photo shoot Inspiration

Photo shoot FeedbackRachael Lau 12.3


From the feedback I was given, I was told that the model did not have enough make up thus she didnt look professional. In addition, she did not give off a exciting mood to the audience.

To improve on my photo shoot I should make my model wear red lipstick and eye make up to resemble K pop magazine models that I have researched. She would also need to have a fun atmosphere to relate to K pop music style, this can be improved by making her strike a pose and have a bright smile. In addition her hair should be stylised, using bright hair dye or wearing a hat.

Lastly, I should use a close up to focus on my model so that it would make a bigger impact on my target audience when they look at my music magazine at first glance. This would be an effective way of appealing to my target audience and make them buy my music magazine.Feedback