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  • 1. Rebecca Phillips

2. I chose this model from my musicmagazine because she is interestedin the music genre of which mymusic magazine is of. Therefore herfashion sense is already influencedby this music. I asked her to bring her own clothesof the black jumper and jewellery.Her clothes are very much like theones that can be seen in myinspiration PowerPoint. She represents the genre of musicmy magazine is targeting atbecause of her appearance and thestereotypes of indie/hipsterfashion. She also signifies a variety ofethnicities therefore trying to notto limited the ethnicity of mymagazine but instead focusing onthe genre of music and the fashionsense which comes with that. 3. This is a photo of me doing my models make-up. I wanted lots of darkeye make-up in order for her eyes to really stand out on the photo. Itherefore kept the rest of the make-up minimal but emphasised her eyesand eyebrows. 4. I chose to shoot my photo-shootinside because it allowed me toedit the lighting. I used a whitesheet attached to a green screento ensure that I had lots of lightwithin the background.Furthermore I used the 3 lampsshown and a reflector screen to putas much light on mymodel as I could.The sheet asgave a nice back-ground as theshadows createda flow ofmaterial likethat can be againseen in myinspiration.