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image manipulation of my film poster

Transcript of Photo shoot and Image Manipulation

  • 1. Photo Shoot and Image Manipulation Alex Simpson

2. Photo-shoot When taking the images for my film poster, I did it with the draft layout I decided to use in mind. Originally I wanted their to be more then one blanked face figure in the background, when it actually came to taking the images I felt it looked more ascetically pleasing with one blank figure, as it allowed the focus to be more on our protagonist. I also felt that I would be able to play around with the blank figure, making him appear more domineering. 3. Best Photos All in all I think that the two best photos that I took are the two shown below. I think this because the lighting in these two shots are good and dont cover up the face of the protagonist which was a prominent issue in the other two shots. I also think the representation of the protagonist is good in these shots. I wanted our character Emma to be shown as being vulnerable which is mainly shown through her facial expression. In terms of colour Amy is wearing a green dress which she wore in the teaser trailer in a specific scene were she meets her mysterious lover. By her wearing the same dress it creates a sense of continuity between the two promotional pieces. In the end I decided to go with IMG_4051. This is because I felt that the positioning of the man in background was better and that our protagonists facial expressions were more clear in the way that they showed fear. 4. Photo Manipulation The photo manipulation stage did take a lot longer then expect, this is due to me learning new techniques within photo shop that I hadnt experienced before. Below is a general flow of pictures in which show how I got to my final manipulated image.This was my starting image, no manipulations had taken place.With the use of the magic wand tool, I separated my two characters from the white background which was in the previous photo. I then went around each character to make sure that not signs of the previous background could be found. Ensuring a high quality. 5. Photo manipulation continuedNext I blurred out the male characters face as I didnt want him to have any known identity. I did this by masking around his head with the magnetic lasso tool and adding field blur which was found in the filter tab on photo shop.In the final stage of my photo manipulation I made a small number of changes to give the image the more darker and thriller like feel I wanted. To start with I added a background to the image. I did this by inserting a grey still and adding a noise filter to it. This created a noise like background. I also added a slight brush stroke known as sumi-e which made the characters more contrast and depth. Finally I changed the positioning of each character to make the male character look more threatening. I did this by separating the two characters using the magnetic lasso tool and putting them on different layers. This allowed me to adjust the scale and positioning of each character.