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  2. 2. IN FRONT OFTHE EIFFELTOWER This is a picture which was took in France in front of the Eiffel Tower and you can see the model squatting in front of the EiffelTower and you can see the back of her.This picture I could use in my contents pages as it looks it would fit an A4 page also I could write things on the picture with white writing or any bright colour. I would have to make the picture bit clear probably using the contrast effect so it looks clearer.
  3. 3. SQUATTING/ STANDING FULL BODY In this picture one of the models is squatting down looking quite relaxed and she's facing the camera sideways looking bit up, the other model is standing up looking down holding her jacket. I could use this in my double page spread as the picture is landscape and I like the colours also it would of suited my first attempt as the main colours were white, black and blue.
  4. 4. LOOKING DOWN FULL BODY In this picture the model is leaning on the wall looking down at her phone, she looks quite casual. I could use this in my contents page as a small picture. Also the way she's dressed is casual but you could go out in somewhere in this outfit , its not a perfect picture for a magazine but I could still try to fit it in somewhere by editing and cutting things out the picture so I could put it in the magazine.
  5. 5. MEDIUM-SHOT This is a medium shot and there's three models in this picture looking straight at the camera. I could use this on my double page spread, the picture is effective as they are colour coordinated also all of them are smiling which makes them look happy and if I cut out the background and put it on a full white background it would look really good on the double page spread.
  6. 6. CLOSE-UP OF FACE This is a close up taken by the model herself. I could use it on my front cover.The picture would be more effective if there was no hands near her face and some one else took it but the way her head is slanted is really creative and would look great on a front cover.
  7. 7. EIFFELTOWER I could use this photo as my background on my contents page. Its a photo of the EiffelTower and I could edit it by making it stand out more and look more clear and make the back ground darker. I could also use it on a double page spread I various ways, so background , a small image near the bottom.
  8. 8. FULL BODY These are 5 standing up full body shots of my model, every image the model is in a different position so they have their legs different, putting arms in different places like her face, behind her head and rest are just down. I could use these on a contents page and double page spread and any which fit the page and goes with everything else, I could also crop the image and enlarge it to a mid-shot or even a cloe-up.