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  • Photo Journal Assignment by Pablo Arechvaleta Mount San Antonio, commonly known as Mount Baldy.
  • Road to Mt Baldy
  • Mount San Antonio, commonly known as Mount Baldy, is the highest peak in the San Gabriel Mountains, and the highest point in Los Angeles County. The summit has two peaks: the main peak, elevation 10,068 feet (3,069 m), and a sub-peak, West Baldy, at 9,988 feet (3,044 m). The main peak marks the boundary between San Bernardino County and Los Angeles County
  • Pictures of San Antonio Creek San Antonio Creek descends through a deep canyon which has several waterfalls.
  • History of the Local Area
  • Before exploration of the area by the Spanish, our valley was inhabited by a people who call themselves the Tongva [Tong-vay] (though there has been some dispute recently about the correct endonym). The Tongva are also known as the Gabrieleo, Fernandeo, and Nicoleo[a] Europeanized names that were assigned to the Tongva after Spanish colonization. Along with the neighboring Chumash, the Tongva were the most powerful indigenous people to inhabit Southern California. At the time of European contact, they may have numbered 5,000 to
  • From the Past History Trail
  • A Tongva Settlement at Cahuenga Pass
  • Gold mining did not begin in the area until decades after the California Gold Rush, with the earliest historical record being of the death of miner Jacob Skinner in 1879 in his mine at the Hog Back slide.
  • Water from the creek was used, and hand made mining equipment were made to clean and separate the gold.
  • There is a ski resort, the closest one to Los Angeles. South of the resort, and connected to its ski lift by an asphalt road, lies Mt Baldy Village. There are no roads or maintained trails connecting the mountain to the less populated region to its north
  • WILD LIFE Mountain lions, coyotes, gray foxes, bighorn sheep, black bear, mule deer, owls, eagles, ravens, rattlesnakes, squirrels, birds, amphibians and reptiles are found in the Mount Baldy area. As you can see the road signs are indications of active animal activities are present.
  • Bears are often searching for food around the villages, camping ground areas, rest stops, and places were humans normally leave food or trash. Dumpsters with designed with secure lids, to prevent bears from removing trash and food from dumpsters.
  • WORLDS APART Core, Power, Affluent, Employmemt, Education. Peripheral, primitive, poor, no technology at all.
  • TERRITORIAL MARKERS Graffiti as territorial markers used by outsiders or neighborhood gangs to established and proclaim their identity.
  • My Favorite Picture Outstanding view, no stress, no worries, just nature. We humans are exhausting our natural resources, impacting our wild life, and destroying our own living planet.