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Copernica TFM&A Presentation - Peronalise and prosper Send the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

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2. @wvanderscheer 3. COPERNICA Multi-channel Marketing Automation Software 3500 users across many industry sectors 300 partners across Europe Largest marketing automation software provider in Europe 4. HAVE WE COME SO FAR? Highly targeted To someone known About something relevant 5. HAVE WE COME SO FAR? 6. HAVE WE COME SO FAR? Anticipated Personal Important Valuable Looked forward to! 7. Spray & Pray IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE STRATEGY 8. WHY IS RELEVANCE IMPORTANT? 9. WHY IRRELEVANCE IS A PROBLEM Reasons why people unsubscribe from emailsSource: Copernica Email Summit 2013 10. UNDERSTAND YOUR CUSTOMER LIFECYCLE 11. LEAD SCORING 12. FIRST THINGS FIRST Get your metrics right:Marketing needs to make a measurable impact on revenue growth 13. Case Study: MAN UTD SOCCER SCHOOLS MUSS operated by Nike as part of the long term merchandising agreement with MUFC Nike uses MUSS to promote the MUFC brand globally through football experiences Reaching hundreds of thousands of children and parents in every part of the world 14. Case Study: MAN UTD SOCCER SCHOOLS International audienceHigh order valueLong customer lifecycleComplicated buying processHigh abandonment ratesHuge administration overhead 15. Data = Personalise 16. CREATING PROFILES:What do we know? 17. CREATING PROFILES:What could we know? 18. CAPTURE DATA Parents or Guardian details Child details name, age, gender, medical details Person transacting Products viewed / booked Payment options Deposits and balance payments 19. TRANSLATE DATA INTOPersonalised Content Offers Incentives Calls-to-action Images Links Recommendations Landing pagesRELEVANT CAMPAIGNS HAVE&30% HIGHER OPEN RATES50% HIGHER CLICK THROUGH RATES 20. ENGAGE AND NURTURE EVERYProspect and Customer Highly personalised newsletters Relevant offer emailsBrochure requests Stepped cart abandonment emails Triggered thank you and cancellation emailsChase up paymentsSell extras Pre-stay emails Review your experience 21. EMAIL EXAMPLE PromotionalOffers Image specificTemp based 22. AUTOMATED EMAILS 23. The Result Open rate 8% Conversion rate tripled Reduced costs 24. Automation is the key Use the data to trigger these campaigns Sends one to one emails at the right time Gives you more time to focus on the things that matterI havent got time! 25. RECAP. The most complete marketing software for automated campaigns with email, webpages, SMS, Social Media, opinion gathering and print.One platform for multi-channel campaignsUser-friendly interfaceData management toolsElaborate campaign statistics and testing optionsLinks to external systems (SOAP) 26. HOW MUCH DOESIt Cost? Single user license only 160 per month Volume based email bundles Free for the first three months Free training support Advanced certification program 27. THANK @wvanderscheer 28. Any questions? VISIT US AT STANDC10!