Personalisation for All?. Organising for Personalisation at Scale

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Transcript of Personalisation for All?. Organising for Personalisation at Scale

  • Personalisation for All?

  • Organising for Personalisation at Scale

  • Do you believe

    that e-learning can transform the experience of education?IF SO HOW LONG BEFORE IT HAPPENS?

  • A hypothesis?Learning always has been and always will be a personalised experienceIt is the organisation of education that has been impersonalThe impediment has been economic scaleabilityTechnology is making personalisation achievable at scale

  • Mark Twain

    I never allowedMy schooling toInterfere with myEducation

  • What I am told by practitionersThe structureThe cultureThe fundingWorks against optimising e-Learning

  • Personalisation?ContentNavigationAssessmentLocationLearning styles

  • Types of E-Learning

  • Plus ca change?

    TeacherSurgeonTrain Driver

  • The Biggest Mistake

    New Teacher=Old Teacher+IT

  • IT and GlobalisationMinimum skill set for a living wage risingDemand for low-skilled workers fallingRate of change of skill needs increasingState budgets under pressureIncreased demands for creativity, innovation, design and personal/inter-personal skills

  • The Underlying LogicPeople are for thinking, machines for doingIf it can be done, it can be automatedIf it can be automated it can be done elsewhere more cheaplyWhat do we mean by high-skilled?

  • Lessons from IndustryIT is about organisational effectivenessOptimising effectiveness comes through organisational changeRe-engineering Education to support Lifelong learning

  • Re-engineer what?The educational infrastructureThe curriculum and assessmentThe teaching professions

    To put the learner at the heart of the system

  • Learning on DemandPersonalised, mass-customisationUser-driven qualityTeamwork-oriented teaching and learningExams and Qualifications?Administration built-in not bolted-on to teaching and learning processes

  • The Economics of Mass CustomisationStandardisationSpecialisationIntegrationAround the demand side to free resources to deliver efficiency and effectiveness

  • This implies

    A Culture of Lifelong LearningAccess to lifelong learningContent to support individual lifelong learnersA social context for lifelong learning

  • MIT90s paradigmThe OrganisationExternal environmentManagementProcessesStrategyOrganisationDesignITPeople andRoles

  • MIT90s paradigmThe OrganisationExternal environmentManagementProcessesStrategyOrganisationDesignITPeople andRolesOrganisationalCulture

  • Learning OrganisationsTheoryPracticeLearning

  • ScientistEngineerTechnicianEducationTrainingLearningTo ThinkLearningTo Do

  • Education or Training?ScientistEngineerTechnicianStableTimesUnstableTimesLearningTo ThinkLearningTo Do

  • 5 Levels of TransformationExtent of benefitsDegree ofTramsformationLocal exploitationScope RedefinitionNetwork RedesignProcess RedesignInternal IntegrationEvolutionaryRevolutionaryInternalExternalSource: MIT

  • Formal/Informal LearningFormalInformalFormalInformalProcessContentCourseTVSearchEngineExperience

  • Learner types?VisualAuditoryKinaesthetic

  • Multiple IntelligencesMathematical and logicalLinguisticInterpersonalIntrapersonalBodily kinaestheticMusicalNaturalistVisual and Spatial

  • Technologies for PersonalisationWeb AccessibilityNavigationSmart CardsVoiceHandwritingGesturesImplants.

  • Assessment and AccreditationModularWhen ready, not age!Credit accumulation and transferTime stamped?Vocational/academicProcess and/or contentAssessment for/of LearningBachelor of Learning?

  • From Pilots to EmbeddingNeedXVisionXCapabilitiesXFirst steps

  • ContentWhat is content?Ownership?Who creates content?Tools for teachers or content for teachers?Individuals or teams of creators

  • A Learner in her life plays many parts..StudentTeacherLibrarian/CuratorResearcherAssessorCounsellorParent

  • Teacher RolesSubject matter expertLearning resources managerLearning coachEducational administratorStaff development managerCurriculum agentCounsellor: personal, career, socialTrainees

  • Creativity and ITCombinatorialExploratoryTransformationalSource: Margaret Boden

  • The Policy ChallengesSort out the role of the professional teacherMake progress on the content vs tools debateAccessibility to e-LearningThe Pensions CrisisThe over 50s disappearedHealth educationIntellectual propertyEvidence..

  • TransformationBe realistic about how long it will takeCelebrate successInnovate, Learn and Push the boundaries