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Person Profile

Person ProfileEmployees can have one or more profiles, but only one profile per profile type. The PeopleSoft application delivers the profile type PERSON to create person profiles, but you can create other profile types according to your organizational requirements. Employees and managers use the Profile Details page to view and update person profiles

Types of person profile:Organizations typically use two types of profile: Non-person profiles These describe the competencies, qualifications, and responsibilities of a certain job code, position, job family, or salary grade, or other entities in the system. Person profiles These describe people's skills, competencies, accomplishments, and performance. Manage Profiles enables you to create profiles for employees, contingent workers, and persons of interest.

PERSON PROFILEHow to create a person profile How to approve a person profile How to update a person profile How to manage a person profile

Define ProfileProfiles are valuable for tracking employees' skills, competencies, and accomplishments, in career planning, for identifying training needs, for performance management, and in the recruitment process for identifying job requirements and suitable applicants.

The standard menu-driven navigation path is the standard access method for eDevelopment. Employees access eDevelopment by selecting Self Service, Learning and Development. Managers access eDevelopment by selecting Manager Self Service, Learning and Development.

WHAT IS PERSON PROFILE?Person profiles describe a person's skills, competencies, accomplishments and performance. Person profiles are linked to a person ID.

Navigation to create a person profile : Manager Self Service Learning and Development Team Person Profiles View Person Profiles

Person profile page

Example of a person profile & its structure:

APPROVAL OF UPDATED PROFILEUsing Manage Approvals, administrators can view profile changes routed to them by the approvals workflow engine and approve or reject the changes. They can also view approvals information for changes previously approved or rejected.

SETTING UP APPROVAL PROCESS DEFINITIONSet up approval process definitions. Define criteria for approval processes. Define paths for approval processes. Define steps for approval processes. Review an example HRMS approval process definition

Diagram: Approval Process stages, paths and steps.

Pages Used to Set Up Approval Process Definitions Page NameSetup Process Definitions

NavigationSet Up HRMS, Common Definitions, Approvals, Approvals Setup Center, Setup Process Definitions

UsageDefine workflow approval process stages.

Criteria Definition

Click the Definition Criteria link on the Setup Process Definitions page.

Define criteria for workflow approval processes. Criteria definitions are used to define bits of logic that, at runtime, the Approval Workflow Engine evaluates for a Boolean result (true or false).

Approval Path Definition

Click the Details link within the Paths group box on the Setup Process Definitions page. Click the Details button within the Steps group box on the Setup Process Definitions page. Click the Save As on the Approval Process Definition page.

Set up path details for workflow approval processes. Define step details for workflow approval processes.

Approval Step Definition

Copy Approval Process

Create a new approval process definition by copying the existing one. The system requires that you assign a new definition ID and effective date. Verify the routing of the approval process definition by previewing.

Preview Approval

Click the Preview link on the Approval Process Definition page.

Define criteria for approval processes

Set up approval process definitions:

Approval Path Definition

Approval Step Definition

Process of Update Person ProfileWhen the document is complete, the employee's person profile can be updated with the information from the performance or development document. To update the employee's person profile: The system checks that the Update Person Profile check box is selected on the Template Definition - Structure page - Profile Management tab for the role. If the Update Person Profile check box is selected, then the system identifies the profiles types that need to be updated for the employee. If a profile does not exist, the system create one for the employee. The system copies all items for each section into the employee's profile.

Create & Update Person Profile:External applicants can view and update their preferred contact method, name, address, email, and phone information. Internal applicants can view their name, address, email, and phone information.

Creating and Updating Non-Person Profiles:Page 1

Page 2

Manage Profile Manage profile are used by organization to describe job attributes and approvals for selected employees. The Manage Profiles business process provides a framework for developing and managing profiles that meet your industry or organizational requirements. The Search and Compare profiles feature enables you to perform searches for profiles that match user-defined criteria and easily compare profiles.

Manage a person profile: List of profiles which are ready for approval

Click save to update profile

Click submit for approval

Manage profile overviewContent Catalog: The content catalog is the source of competencies, accomplishments, and other data that administrators, managers, and employees add to their profiles.

Search and Compare Profiles: The Search and Compare Profiles feature in Manage Profiles provides the ability to build searches that work with your content catalog and profiles.

Person and Non-Person Profiles: In the same way that you set up the content catalog to include the attributes that you want to track, you define a set of profiles that match your organization's requirements.

Diagram: Profile examples for a job code, a job family, and a person

MANAGE PROFILE BUSINESS PROCESSESPeopleSoft provides these types of Business Process Manage person and non-person profiles. Manage interest lists. Manage profile approvals. Search and compare profiles. Match competencies and accomplishments to roles. (GBR) Manage National Vocation Qualifications (NVQs).

MANAGE PROFILES INTEGRATIONManage Profiles integrates with other business processes within PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Resources, including: Plan Careers and Successions. Administer Training. Administer Workforce. Manage French Public Sector. It also integrates with other PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS applications, including : eDevelopment. ePerformance. Talent Acquisition Manager. Candidate Gateway. Campus Self Service. Manage Profiles also integrates with: PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management, Financials, CRM, and Enterprise Performance Management. Third-party applications.