Period 2. peel cut up pour…into put…into turn on/off/up/down turn on it (错) turn it on...

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Transcript of Period 2. peel cut up pour…into put…into turn on/off/up/down turn on it (错) turn it on...

  • Period 2

  • peelcut uppourintoputintoturn on/off/up/downturn on it turn it onturn on the blenderturn the blender oncut it upcut up the bananas

  • Peel three bananasturn on the blenderput the bananas into the blenderpour the milk into the blenderdrink the banana milk shakecut up the bananasFirst,Next,After thatThen,next,Finally,

  • What tools do we need to make fruit salad? teaspooncupbowl

  • What ingredients do we need to make fruit salad?

  • honeywatermelonapplesorangesWrite the names of the ingredients under How much or How many in the chart below.

    IngredientsHow muchHow manyyogurtbananas

  • 2bappleswatermelon and orangehoneybananas

    IngredientsAmountIngredientone cupyogurttwoonetwo teaspoonsthree

  • A: Lets make fruit salad.B: OK, good idea. How much yogurt do we need?A: One cup.B: How many apples do we need?A: Let me think . We need two apples.B: OK, and how much ?Make your favorite fruit salad!

  • finally then next firstA: How do you make fruit salad? B: ________ cut up three bananas ,three apples and a watermelon. _________put the fruit in a bowl. ________ put in two teaspoons of honey and a cup of yogurt. _______ mix it all up.First Next Then Finally 3a

  • ______ and ____ the fruit __ a bowl.cleanputinInstructions

  • _____ the fruit.peel

  • ___ them ___ with a knifecutup

  • ___ them ___ a bowl.putin

  • ______ _____two teaspoons of honey and one cup of yogurt


  • _____ them ____.mixup

  • Then ,Put in.Then, Put in.Finally , Mix up.How do you make a fruit salad?first next then finallyNext, Cut upInstructionsFirst , PeelFirst , Peel six bananas and four bananas.Then ,Put the fruit in a bowl.Then, Put in two teaspoons of honey and a cup of yogurt.Finally , Mix it all up.Next, Cut up the bananas ,apples and a watermelon.

  • popcornHow do you make ?

  • poppercorn salt

  • First put the popcorn into the popcorn popper.Next turn on the popper.

  • Then put the popcorn into the bowl.After that, put some salt on the popcorn.=add salt to the popcornFinally eat the popcorn.If you add 4 to 5, you get 9.

  • First, Next, After that, Then, Finally,

  • a turkey sandwich

  • bread butter lettuce relishsome Whats in it?about a teaspoon of tomatoes two slices of breadsomeA teaspoon ofturkeythree slices of

  • turkeyturkeyBird countable nounMeat uncountable noun

  • cut the turkey into slicesthree of turkeyslices

  • Thanksgiving Day194111112228cultural notes

  • Stuffing(CornBread)(Gravy)(CranberrySauce)cultural notes

  • I like beef in my sandwichSandwiches with hamsSandwiches with lettuceSandwiches with egg and beefTomato Sandwiches

  • 2a

  • 1.butter 2. tomato 3.bread 4. yogurt 5.salt 6.onion 7. apple 8. lettuce 9.turkey slice 10. chicken 11. banana 13.relish 14.egg15.watermelon 16.mutton2. tomato6.onion7. apple11.banana


    1.butter3.bread 4.yogurt 5.salt 8.lettuce13.relish10.chicken*9.turkey slice15.watermelon16.mutton

  • buttera slice of breadoniontomatoturkey slicesrelishlettuceanother slice of breadListen carefully. Write the ingredients in the order you hear them.2b

    First Next Then Finally

  • A: How do you make a turkey sandwich?B: Well, first put some butter on a slice of bread.A: How much butter?B: Oh, about a teaspoon.A: OK. What else?B: Next cut up some tomatoes.A: How many tomatoes?B: Well, ones is probably enough. Put the tomato on the sandwich. Next cut up an onion.A: Sounds good. What about the turkey?B: Next, put some turkey slices on the sandwich.A: How many turkey slices?B: About three.A: OK. Is that all?B: Not quite. Then put some relish on the turkey.A: How much?B: Two teaspoons should do it. And dont forget the lettuce.A: Sounds delicious!B: Finally, put another slice of bread on top.A: Great!

  • A: How much bread do we need ?

    A: How many onions do we need ?

    Do you remember?

    Ingredients. 2 slices of bread. 1 teaspoons of butter. 1 onion. 1 tomato some lettuce. 3 slices of turkey/chicken. 2 teaspoons of relish