Peltola Asko

Mr. Asko Peltola, Region Mayor June 11th, 2014


ERIAFF Conference 2014 Seinäjoki, Finland Asko Peltola, Regional Mayor The Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia "Opening and Welcome"

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Mr. Asko Peltola, Region Mayor

June 11th, 2014

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Population about 5.5 million

(17 persons/km2) some 30 % live in rural areas

Our GDP is (2012) EUR 193 billion €

EUR 33,500 € per capita

(EU = EUR 24,400 €)

share of agriculture and

forestry 26 %

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Finland – the northernmost

agricultural country in the world

(and the most rural country of the EU)

• Growing period 180 - 120 days

• Temperature sum 1 300 - 400 °Cdays

- Germany 2 000-1 600 °Cdays

- Spain 2 800-2 400 °Cdays

• Cold climate and short summers => low yield levels (about ½ of Central Europe)

• Despite this, Finland is self sufficient in main food products and the quality is high - but the production costs are high, too

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Land use (and bio-resources) of Finland

The area of Finnish forests is about the same size as Great Britain

Total land area 30 million ha (forest 20 million ha)

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South Ostrobothnia • 194 000 pers. / 13 400 km² (= 14,4/ km²)

• Share of agriculture and forestry: 12 % =>

Food Province of Finland

• Main economic pillars: Food (agriculture

and processing = 25% of regional GDP) +

Wood + Metal

• Region of entrepreneurship (esp. SMEs)

• Excellence in:

– Sustainable and effective solutions for

food systems and bio-economy

– Intelligent and energy efficient system


– Renewing production of services and

events Helsinki


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Traditionally, the South Ostrobothnian character has been associated with outspokenness, diligence, uprightness and courage.

Region of

fields and

"flat land" –

but some

lakes, too.

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People in SOB are regarded as (?)…

entrepreneurial (we want to do things in our own way)

independent (we don't like bosses…)

straight and honest (promises have to be kept)

stubborn (never admit if we are wrong…)

rural ("country boys and girls")

old-fashioned / conservative / traditional

we want to do things better than our neighbours

not very international (so far… but improving!)

=> "Rural Heartland" of Finland?

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South Ostrobothnia = Region of Agriculture

= Food Province of Finland






We do have expertise in…

Page 9: Peltola Asko

…and we are smartly specializing in …

Agrotechnology RDI in Food Chain



and demand

Food safety,

quality and


Green Creative Garden = Sustainable and effective solutions for food systems

Page 10: Peltola Asko

- is actively working for

sustainable innovations

in agriculture, food and


- puts emphasis on the

entire agro-food

production chain,

including nutrition and

human well-being as a


Region of South Ostrobothnia

Page 11: Peltola Asko

Challenges of the future: global demand for food is


climate change

raising need for efficient

and innovative solutions in

the utilization of our

common bio-resources

knowledge sharing and

international co-operation

unhealthy food and dietary

based diseases => demand

for healthier diets and food

product supplies

profitability of farming

sustainable land use


We need to have a clear


… and look far enough

in the future!

Page 12: Peltola Asko

Thank you

for your


…and welcome!