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Peepoo Bag Day 4

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  • 1. Marketing of SustainabilityGroup 2Bon CarolineBonvissuto AudeBornand Camille Gachet Elise Priez AmandineRglier Anne-Ccile

2. Greenwashing Its Greenwashing when a company or organizationspends more time and money claiming to begreen through advertising and marketing than actually implementing business practices that minimize environmental impact. Its whitewashing,but with a green brush. Greenwashing help keep ad honest 3. Greenwashing examples McDonalds Green strategy Clarify their responsibility for the preservationof natural resources New design, new logoBUTEthical policies dont change with a lick of paintJust an appearance: food is still the same 4. Greenwashing examples Barbie Mattel: The Barbie BCause Eco accessories Buy eco-friendly fashion For eco-conscious girlsBUT Deforestation of tropical forests Packaging Reaction of Greenpeace 5. Positioning according to habits ToiletsPublic PrivateAnywhere 6. Positioning according to habitsBetter quality of foodDiseases Better healthPoor quality of food 7. Brand system Brand concept (value position Tangible and intangible) A strong brand balances all three elementsBrand name and symbols Product or service experience Semiotic invariants 8. Brand systemBrand concept :Deliver a real message in order to avoiddiseases and protect the planetA strong brandbalances allthree elements Product experience : Pepoobag 9. Brand systemBrand name Color : green * Really simple in order to * Remind the wish of protectingunderstand directly the concept the planetand the purpose of the bagA strong brandbalances allthree elementsCalligraphy : * Really simple to match with ourBrand name and symbols values 10. Marketing mix Tangible Cost: 3 cents Introduction LFC stage Advantage: no frontal Aim: targeting well with competition + it suitsour communicationassociations budgets What: Practicality, health previsionsand development Perceived value: A double funccion: socialdefferenciation on a(helping) and greendynamic market(fertilizing) 11. Marketing mix 1st step: hospitals 1st step: GivePeePoo Bags 2nd step: placessamples to hospitalswhere associationswork 2nd step: sell PeePooBags to associations 12. The outcomes of our project Communicating well to a Defining theof our final consumers Building a strong strategy based on on the marketthanks to a complete mix marketingGoal= to communicate well to the right persons at the right timein the best way focusing on our product strengths and the customers and consumers needs