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1. SWAMI VIVEKANANDA 2. Presented by:Pathak Khyati B.B.E 7th Sem. Civil DepartmentGEC Bhavnagar 3. Born in Calcutta in 1863. Contact of Ramakrishna change Narendraslife. Became world famous at Chicago in1883. jiva is shiva. Awake, arise & stop not till the goal isreached. He founded Ramakrishna mission in 1897. 4. Swami vivekanandas inspiring personalitywas well known both in India & America. The unknown monk of India suddenly leaptinto fame at Parliament of Religion held inChicago in 1893. In the course of short of 39 years of whichonly 10 were devoted to public activities. He gave: gyan yog, bhakti yog, karma yog,raj yog. 5. Swami Vivekananda was born NarendranathDatta on 12 January 1863 in Calcutta in arespectable middle-class. His father, Viswanath Dutta, was anattorney and was a lover of the arts andliterature. On the other hand, Narendras mother,Bhubaneshwari Devi, was a pious, kind-heartedlady, devoted to the Hindu traditions. 6. Narendranath had varied interests & widerange of scholarship in philosophy, history,social sciences, art and other subjects. He evinced much interest in spiritual text. 7. Vivekananda strated his education at home,later he joined metropolitan institution ofishwarchandra vidyasagar in 1871 and hepassed the entrance examination of presidencycollege, Calcutta. Narendranath became the member of aFreemason's lodge and the breakaway factionfrom the Brahmo samaj led by kesab chandrasen another Freemason. 8. His initial beliefs were shaped by Brahmoconcepts, which include belief in a formlessGod and deprecation of the worship of idols. Not satisfied with his knowledge of Philosophy,he wondered if God and religion could be madea part of one's growing experiences and deeplyinternalized. Narendra went about askingprominent residents of contemporary Calcuttawhether they had come "face to face with God.but could not get answers which satisfied him. 9. Swamijis Divine Messageforthe Youth 10. We are what out thoughts have made us;so take care about what you think.Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far. 11. Take up one idea.Make that one idea your life.Think of it, dream of it.Live on that idea.Let the brain, muscles, nerves,every part of your body Be full ofthat idea.This the way to "SUCCESS. 12. When an idea exclusively occupies the mind, it istransformed in toan actual physical or mental state. 13. Education is the manifestation of perfectionalready in man. 14. Every duty is holy, and devotion to duty isthe highest form of the worship of God.When you are doing any work, do notthink of anything beyond. Do it asworship, As the highest worship, anddevote your whole life to it for the timebeing. 15. Neither money pays, nor name, norfame, nor learning,it is CHARACTERthat can cleave through adamantinewalls of difficulties. 16. It is good to be born achild;but bad to remain achild 17. If you think that the infinite power, infinite knowledge, and indomitable energy lie within you, and if you can bring out thatpower, You also can be like Me. 18. Quotes FromSwamiVivekananda 19. Stand up, be bold, bestrong. Take the wholeresponsibility on yourown shoulders, & knowthat you are the creatorof your own destiny 20. They alone live wholive for others, rest aremore dead then alive 21. Arise! Awake! And stopnottill the goal is reached 22. Strength is life,Weakness is death 23. To be good and todo good-that is thewhole of religion 24. THANKS