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A brief and basic presentation about Parkour. Enjoy

Transcript of Parkour, Art of movement

  • S By AbdulAziz Saeed Ali Darwish
  • PARKOUR Art of movement, or in other words, its the way you create a way to pass between things using any technique whether it is a flip or a jump or even a wall run. Doing tricks and acrobats are known as aggressive Parkour.
  • What is it Parkour is originally a French word, Parrkur means passment Traceur : Someone who practices Parkour. It is actually a French word that means tracer and it is a person that traces. Its just a matter of the Traceurs eyes to see things, and mind to trace a way on how to pass objects. The more a Traceur trains, the better he/she becomes.
  • Competition Parkour is not a competitive activity, as it is done alone or in a group. It is mostly done around an urban area where it has to be filled with obstacles.
  • Who is Raymond Belle Raymond Belle was born in 1939 in Vietnam, his dad was a French doctor and his mom was Vietnamese. He was cut off from his family, he was sent to to a military orphanage at the age of 7. Belle developed a style from military training of passing obstacles. He undertook further and advanced training that he did himself for his personal athletic advancements, like climbing and jumping and running. He did not want to be a victim therefore these training were perfect for him to thrive. Belle then moved back to France in 1954, and became a trainer for the military for few years.
  • David Belle as born in 1973 in France, where his father did not know where to put him, schools and sport clubs did not work pretty well. David was curious with all the newspaper clippings of his fathers exploits. This is where his curiosity grew. David wanted to know more and was willing to develop himself like this rather than sitting at home and doing homework or kicking a soccer ball at a club.
  • David learnt that from his father that Parkour is not a game but it is an important thing to learn. To survive and thrive. David gave up schooling finally and concentrated on his training. Where later he met his cousins who also trained with other bunch of people. They then all became a team. The group included : David Belle, Sbastien Foucan, Chu Belle Dinh, Williams Belle, Yann Hnautra, and Laurent Piemontesi. Its not a game
  • Popularity Davids brother took footage and pictures to a French TV program, and in that way it grew popular. It started to be shared in various programs on TV around the world. Later on the group spilt up due to their goals that they want to pursue.
  • The only risks you can think of is trespassing and injuries.And some places, have prohibited Parkour to be practiced, due to damaged properties and inappropriate places like cemeteries. While other are trying too hard to make places dedicated for Parkours. But tracers take it as an offence because Parkour is all about creativity and traceurs need freedom and adaption in urban areas to practice it.
  • Some injuries happen, although it is a sport that includes jumping and landing, and sometimes landing on a small feet space. This may cause injuries like a twist in the ankle, or a twist in the wrist. Jumping on rooftops of buildings may be a concern to people and the rescue team. Law enforcements have warned practitioners of Parkour to stay of rooftops to not cause damage to both, the practitioners and rooftops.
  • A saying that I liked: Daniel Ilabaca, co-founder of the World Parkour and Freerunning Federation, made a saying: "Thinking youre going to fail at something gives you a higher risk of doing just that. Committing to something youre thinking or knowing you will land gives you a higher chance of landing or completing the task.
  • The American Traceur says there is no such injuries because people rely on their hands and feet, and not in things like boards or skis; those are unpredictable with the gravity or forces of physics.
  • B13 ultimatum: a famous movie that included Parkour, and martial arts. Full of action, and movement and Arts. You will be missing half of the movie if you even think to blink. You cant miss it !!!
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