Park filming day

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Park Filming Day

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  1. 1. We decided to place the camera in awkward angles to see how it wouldlook. We wanted to create this scary and intimidating atmosphere whichwould attract the audience. This particular shot was taken without thetripod, and it actually gave us the type of atmosphere which we wanted.However we thought it best if the close up shot of Sheila showed heremotions so that the audience could relate to her character.
  2. 2. We were going to use this shot as if it was the father looking down on her. Itwas extremely hard to get the camera from shaking because I was not usingthe tripod. However I did manage to get the shot perfectly. We were going touse this shot instead of the long shot of Sheila and the park. We then realisedthat although this shot created suspense and tension it never gave us a clearview of where she was and her surroundings. We wanted to establish that shewas on her own and that there was no-one around to help her when her fathersnatched her. We asked people what they thought after showing them this shotand the long shot of the park and majority of them chose the long shot. We tooktheir feedback on board and decided to go with the long shot instead.
  3. 3. This is Sheila on her break mid-way throughour filming session. She did an excellent joband was very easy to direct. She fullydeserved her little break.
  4. 4. This was Rihanna attempting to push Sheila at the right speed. Shefailed miserably a number of times which is why they are laughing.However she did manage in the end to push Sheila at the right speedso that she was not going to fast for the camera. We did in fact manageto get a number of different footages of Sheila moving at differentspeeds, which gave us a variety of different choices.
  5. 5. This is one of our final shots which we decided to use. Each onefor a specific purpose. We decided to chose this shot becausewe wanted an establishing shot which showed the wholescenery. It highlights how she is all alone and there is no-onearound to see what happens to her. This shot symbolises howSheila feels, alone and isolated from society. It also highlightshow if anything was to happen to her there is nobody around tosave her.
  6. 6. We decided to take this shot also because this is the shot thatwe want our audience to empathise with our character. It showshow sad, depressed and lonely she is feeling. It makes theaudience want to be there for her and just give her a hug. Thisshot draws on the emotions of the audience and forces them toempathise with the character. It also symbolises the destructionthe parents are causing to their little girl and how no-one isaround to see this.