pangolin...pangolin london SCUlpTURal CERaMiCS 2 3 Sculptural Ceramics explores the boundaries...

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Transcript of pangolin...pangolin london SCUlpTURal CERaMiCS 2 3 Sculptural Ceramics explores the boundaries...

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    Sculptural Ceramics explores the boundaries between two traditionally pigeon-holed genres. One is often considered ‘fine art’ the other ‘craft’. Can this still be considered a valid perception?

    The exhibition is by no means a comprehensive survey but hopes through its broad range of approach to offer a tantalising glimpse at the diversity of work currently produced by artists across the UK.

    Sculptural Ceramics comprises of a permanent exhibition of established and emerging artists alongside four changing focus exhibitions of work by Christie Brown, Halima Cassell, Merete Rasmussen and Jason Wason.

    The exhibition also coincides with the launch of our new and exciting year-long collaboration with Central Saint Martin’s School of Art Ceramic Design Course. Rafael Atencia, Sarah Frances Core, Kako Oya, Charlotte Mary Pack, Sevak Zargarian will be the first students to exhibit their work in the external display cases at Kings Place.

    Polly BieleckaPangolin London


    FoCUSChristie BrownHalima CassellMerete RasmussenJason Wason

    Robert Aberdein Christie BrownSteve Buck Halima CassellMatthew Chambers Claire CurneenJames Evans

    Kerry Jameson Claire Loder Nao Matsunaga Peter Randall-PageMerete RasmussenAneta Regel Deleu Nicholas Rena

    James RiglerSarah ScamptonAlumth TebbenhoffClare Twomey Jason WasonJulian Wild


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    Ex-Voto Figures (I Pray Again. Again...)Porcelain and waxEdition of 4622 cm high

    CHRiSTiE BRoWn

  • 6 7

    CHRISTIE BROWN Seated DogCeramic85 cm high

  • 8 9

    CHRISTIE BROWN SleepoverCeramic73 - 90 cm high

  • 10 11

    CHRISTIE BROWN ElfCeramic83 cm high

  • 12 13

    NoirHand carved, unglazed stoneware clay23 cm high

    HaliMa CaSSEll

  • 14 15

    HALIMA CASSELL FandangoHand carved, unglazed stoneware clay46 cm high

  • 16 17

    HALIMA CASSELL Cursive, Fugue, Tulip, Echo, PendulaPalmate, Sidewinder, Foliata, Cygnes, SolaHand carved porcelain stonewareEdition of 1056 cm high

  • 18 19

    HALIMA CASSELL SemaHand carved, unglazed stoneware clay61 cm diameter

    HALIMA CASSELL RococoHand carved, unglazed stoneware clay23 cm diameter

  • 20 21

    Red LoopCeramic with coloured slip45 cm high


  • 22 23

    MERETE RASMUSSEN Yellow FormCeramic with coloured slip70 cm high

  • 24 25

    MERETE RASMUSSEN Grey FormCeramic with coloured slip40 cm high

    MERETE RASMUSSEN Dark Grey Multi-LoopCeramic with coloured slip70 cm high

  • 26 27

    MERETE RASMUSSENBlue FormCeramic with coloured slip95 cm high

  • 28 29

    SentinelFired clay 56 cm high

    jaSon WaSon

  • 30 31

    JASON WASONGold and Brown Templetop VesselFired clay35 cm high

  • 32 33

    JASON WASON Guardian Box with AmmoniteFired clay and fossil21 cm high

    JASON WASON Towers Fired clay and thread69 - 115 cm high

  • 34 35

    JASON WASON Preservation BoxFired clay50 cm long

  • 36 37

    ROBERT ABERDEINGraceCeramic17.5 cm high

    Carnegie Stage 6 StudyGraphite on paperUnique21 cm high


  • 38 39

    STEvE BUCKEversion 2Blends of stoneware and red clay82 cm high

  • 40 41

    MATTHEW CHAMBERSEclipseStoneware with oxide editions46 cm high

  • 42 43

    CLAIRE CURNEENStick FigurePorcelain, gold lustre and cotton80 cm high

  • 44 45

    JAMES EvANSConfines of ComfortRusted Ceramic30 cm high

  • 46 47

    KERRy JAMESONChildhood: Minerva’s OwlRed clay with oxides and tine glaze and wire18 cm high

  • 48 49

    CLAIRE LODERPetalClay, slip, oxide, glaze38 cm high

  • 50 51

    NAO MATSUNAgAThe Horned OneBlack clay porcelain39 cm high

  • 52 53

    PETER RANDALL-PAgE From the DepthsCeramic31.5 cm high

  • 54 55

    ANETA REgEL DELEU Black UntitledStoneware clay with volcanic rock components78 cm high

  • 56 57

    NICHOLAS RENAthe sun that plays betweenCeramic painted and polished27.5 cm high

  • 58 59

    JAMES RIgLERCorniceCeramic41 cm high

  • 60 61

    SARAH SCAMPTONUntitledStoneware and slip64 cm high

  • 62 63

    ALMUTH TEBBENHOFF We-Need-Each-Other No.3Ceramic34 cm high

  • 64 65

    CLARE TWOMEyTemporary (detail)Porcelain and glazeInstallation

  • 66 67

    JULIAN WILDTangerine 2Glazed stoneware23 cm high

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    Pangolin London would like to thank all the artists for their support of Sculptural Ceramics and in particular to the four focus artists Christie Brown, Halima Cassell, Merete Rasmussen and Jason Wason for their hard work in preparing their shows.

    A number of other galleries have also supported the exhibition and we would like to thank Marsden Woo gallery, Beardsmore gallery and Browse & Darby. Thanks also go to Steve Russell for his excellent photography, to Alun graves for opening the exhibition and to Kathryn Hearn at Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and Design as well as the many others who have helped bring this exhibition to fruition.

    Published to accompany the exhibition:Sculptural Ceramics21 June - 7 September 2013Pangolin LondonKings Place90 York WayLondon N1 9AgT: 020 7520 1480W:

    Printed in Century gothic and CorbelDesigned by Pangolin LondonPrinted by Healeys PrintersAll photography by Steve Russell except p.53 by PJ Dove© Pangolin London 2013