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Paintball and You

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Paintball and You

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Basic Paintball Equipment

Paintball Marker

Paintball Mask or Goggles

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Basic Paintball Equipment Barrel Cover

• Come in two varieties: Barrel Plug Barrel Sock

These devices cover the end of the barrel and are used to make sure that you don’t accidentally shoot your Paintball marker and hurt someone.

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Parts of a Paintball Marker Hopper

• The hopper is where your paintballs go.

• They hold from 50-250 paintballs.

Tank/Bottle• This provides the air

to send the paintball flying through the air!

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Don’t worry if you can’t see these too well now. You’ll definitely get a closer look.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?• The short answer is yes, but

not a lot. Typically, it will hurt for a little bit, but it will leave a cool bruise.

Is paintball safe?• Yes! Paintball is actually safer

than bowling! Paintball is a safe and fun sport, but only if you follow the safety rules. People only get hurt if someone is careless.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?• If you want to wear all camouflage,

you’re more than welcome to! • For everyone else, it’s

recommended that you wear two layers of loose, long sleeved/legged clothing and good shoes for running.

Will the paint wash out? • Most paintballs will wash away with

water but don’t wear anything you wouldn’t want to get stained.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s an example of good clothing to wear?• That’s so interesting that you asked this

question, I happen to have a picture right here:

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Safety First, Safety Last, Safety Always

The rules of paintball change from place to place but one rule is always the same: Safety First.

There are two things you need to do to stay safe:

1. Wear your paintball mask at all times when playing. ***Under NO circumstances are you to take your mask off while playing.***

2. Unless you are playing on the field keep the barrel of the Marker/gun covered.***Mask On, Barrel clear.******Mask Off, Barrel covered.***

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What should I bring? Two Layers of loose fitting

comfortable clothes, sensible shoes for running (not sandals, flip flops, or high heels)

Extra money for paintballs (you don’t want to run out)

A second set of clothes to ride home in. No one wants to ride home in sweaty, paint-stained clothes.

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Rules Follow all rules.

Wear your mask at all times on the field.

After someone has been shot and is holding his/her marker in the air, you MUST STOP SHOOTING that person. If you cannot follow this rule, you will not be allowed to continue playing.

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Have fun!!!

Next to safety, the most important rule is “Have fun!!!”