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Scurt istoric


Rules Safety

Field Requirements


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o Paintball-ul este un sport care consta in eliminareaadversarilor din joc lovindu-i cu capsule sferice gelatinoasecare contin vopsea biodegradabila si non-toxica propulsatede o pusca cu aer comprimat, numita marcator .

o Painball-ul atrage o arie variatate de jucatori, AsociațiaJucatorilor Profesioniști de Paintball estimează că peste 10

milioane de oameni joacă anual paintball numai în SUA.Statisticile companiilor de asigur ări arată că paintball-ul este

unul dintre cele mai sigure sporturi, fiind chiar mai inofensivdecat tenisul.

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1970 - James Hale de la DaisyManufacturing, a inventat şi brevetat ceea cea devenit apoi prima puşcă de paintball. 

 Aceasta puşcă originală cu vopsea a fostfabricată şi folosită la marcarea copacilor şi avitelor, iar ulterior a fost vândută pentru

utilizarea în jocul de paintball, sub numeleNelson.

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27 iun ie 1981 - Primu l joc de paintball s-adesfăşurat cu 12 jucători care concurau unii

 împotriva celorlalţi, folosind pistoale Nel-spot007.

Jocul consta în capturarea steagului.

 Învingătorul, Ritchie White, a capturat toatesteagurile, fără să tragă nici o împuşcătură 

1983 - Primu l Campionat National de NSG  a costat 14.000$. S-au deschis primele

terenuri de paintball în aer liber în Toronto,Canada.

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You mark your opponentby hitting them with apaintball fired from a

paintball marker (a.k.a.gun).

Players that are markedmust leave the field until

the next game.

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Capture the FlagTeams work to gain control of and return a

flag to their base

EliminationTeams play until one teams is completely


Scenario Games

Teams work toward a certain goal likecapturing a base or holding territory

Plus Many More

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It is an exciting game for people of all types

It emphasizes teamwork, good sportsmanship,and strategy

It also allows individuals to shine and gain self confidence

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Paintball started in 1981 withair powered pistols

First public field was openedin Rochester, N.Y. in 1982

 Advances in safety and

firepower gained the sportinternational recognition inthe early 90’s 

Is now a 3 billion dollar ayear industry withmagazines, videos,international tournaments,and thousands of publicsfields across the world

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Markers (Guns) C02 tanks (norm. 9-20oz)

Hoppers (paintball holder)

Barrel Plugs* (safetydevice always in barrel

when not playing) Mask / Goggles

Worn at all times on andaround the field

For face and eye

protection Gloves and Jerseys


*Not Pictured

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RULES PT.1 Tape Line:

Boundaries not to be crossed byplayers

Hits: Players call themselves out

when a hit breaks on them.

They raise their hands abovetheir heads and walk todesignated area off the field

Time Limits: Most games have time

restrictions Proximity Rules:

Some fields have restrictions onshooting opponents in a closeproximity to the shooter (usually

5 to 10 feet of shooter)

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Referees Patrol the field to watchfor rules/safetyviolations. They hold thepower to remove anyplayer from the field

Chrono Before players begin

playing for the day their ball velocity is measured

to make sure it doesn’texceed limits (usuallybetween 250-300 feetper second)

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Paintball prides itself on being an extremely safesport

Ball speeds are monitored to maintain safety

Goggles, facemasks, long sleeve shirts, and

long pants are worn at all times

Barrel plugs are kept in markers when they arenot in play to stop any accidental discharge

Optional safety equipment includes gloves andknee pads

Referees control the intensity of the players andmake sure all rules are followed

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FIELD REQUIREMENTS What Every Field Needs:



Boundary Lines

Bunkers and/or Barriers Bonus amenities:

Fill station for CO2 tanks

Place to purchase balls

Shaded area

Water / Refreshments