Paid Search Campaign

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Real-Time Marketing in a real-time world by Nenah, Dwayne, Mich, and Olivia Term Presentation for Adaptive Media + Analytics Fall 2014

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Transcript of Paid Search Campaign

  • Real-Time Marketing

    in a real-time world

    by Nenah, Dwayne, Mich, and OliviaTerm Presentation for Adaptive Media + Analytics Fall 2014

  • Problem

  • Solution

    Make something that meets our consumers needs.

  • Key Factors

    Google AdWords + Tipping Point

  • Key Actions

  • Key Actions

    We createdWe measuredWe analyzed

  • In other words

    We designed forour audience.

  • Design:Defined

  • Exploring the Science of Data

  • Exploring the Art of Creativity

  • Our Insight

    We discovered that successful advertising

    is, at its core, good design.

  • CampaignCreation

  • Elements of Campaign Architecture Campaign LevelAd Group LevelKeyword Level

    Match TypeDestination URL

    Ad Copy

  • AdWords: First Impressions

  • Analysis: Campaign Architecture

    We went back and considered the

    following factors:

    Business objectives



    Past campaigns

    Brand awareness

  • Campaign Development

    Added KWs, Negatives, Sitelinks

    Considered branded programs

    Paused inefficient campaigns

    Downsized entire account

  • Insights

    How does this relate to the bigger picture?

  • CampaignOptimization

  • The Starting Line17 campaigns, 50 ad groups, 13,000+ KWs

  • Quality Score

  • What did we do next?


  • The Results

  • What worked even better?

    Tweaks: edited ad copies

    changed match typesreallocated daily capspaused inefficiencies

  • The Finish LineNow, we have...

    4 Campaigns, 7 adgroups, - 9500 KWs


  • InsightsTrial and Error

    =Good Design

    +Campaign Success

  • CampaignCommunication

  • Communication is Key

  • Client Calls

  • Client Dashboards

  • Takeaways

    Remain Confident

    Think on our Feet

    Go with the Flow

    Ask Questions

  • Insights

    Overcoming obstacles is part of the challenge of being creative.

    Communication is design too.

  • Overall Performance





  • Key Takeaway

    Successful Campaigns are a balance of

    Data, Design, & Communication

  • Questions?

  • Thank You!