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  • Principles of Marketing

    NEW ED IT ION! Foundations ofMarketing, 3/e Pride Ferrell >> 34

    NEW! Foundations ofMarketing Online, 3/e Pride Ferrell >> 34

    NEW! Marketing ExpressPride Ferrell >> 34

    NEW! Marketing, 2008EditionPride Ferrell >> 35

    Services Marketing

    NEW ED IT ION! Interactive ServiceMarketing, 3/e Fisk Grove John >> 36

    Sales Management

    NEW! Sales Management Hair Anderson Babin Mehta >> 37

    Consumer Behavior

    Consumer Behavior, 4/e Hoyer MacInnis >> 38

    Personal Sel l ing

    Personal Selling, 2/e Anderson Dubinsky Mehta >> 38

    Marketing Research

    Marketing Research, 2/e Parasuraman Grewal Krishnan

    >> 39

    e -Marketing

    Internet Marketing, 2/e Siegel >> 39

    International Marketing

    Global Marketing, 2/eGillespie Jeannet Hennessey >> 40

    Global Marketing Strategies, 6/e Jeannet Hennessey >> 40

    Retai l ing

    Retailing Ogden Ogden >> 40

    Marketing Resources

    Marketing Resources >> 41

    NEW! HMMarketingSPACE >> 42

    NEW!HMMarketingSPACE with Eduspace >> 43





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    Principles of Marketing 34

    Services Marketing 36

    Sales Management 37

    Consumer Behavior 38

    Personal Selling 38

    Marketing Research 39

    E-Marketing 39

    International Marketing 40

    Retailing 40

    Marketing Resources 41

    For complete tables of contents and supplement descriptions, visit business.college.hmco.com

  • Faculty Services Center: 800-733-1717 x40113434



    L B


















    Foundations of MarketingThird Edition

    William M. Pride, Texas A&M University O.C. Ferrell, University of New Mexico

    2009 544 Pages Paperback 978-0-618097337-8


    Foundations of Marketing Online Third Edition 978-0-618-96821-3


    Foundations of Marketing, 3/e is a brief version of the market-leadingPride/Ferrell principles of marketing text. The text program isdesigned to accommodate shorter class schedules and courses withsubstantial projects, simulations, cases, or outside readings.

    In addition to a well-respected, distinguished author team,authoritative coverage, and comprehensive yet consolidated coverage,the Third Edition includes new advertisements, photos, and screenshots throughout the text; GlobalEdge features that pose questionsabout marketing in a global context and encourage online exploration;solid, traditional coverage of marketings 4Ps; and coverage of todayshot marketing topics, including ethics, e-marketing, and customerrelationship management.

    New! Opening Vignettes feature companies and products familiar tostudents, such as Satellite Radio, Google, IKEA, Harley-Davidson,Starbury Ones, Napster, Hard Rock Caf, and BMWs MiniCoopers.

    New! GlobalEdge features pose interesting questions aboutmarketing beyond our borders and direct students online toconduct research.

    New! Boxed features are strategically placed to emphasize chapterconcepts and grab student interest. These new boxes read andlook like magazine articles, and work to stimulate the imaginationof the reader, while tying the chapter topic to a real world scenario.Examples of highlighted companies and brands include: Cereality,rock band Arctic Monkeys, Second Life, Apples iPod, Wicked (the

    musical), Netflix, and Microsofts xBox.

    New! And Now, Back to end-of-chapter features reintroduce thecompany profiled in the Opening Vignette and ask students to usechapter-specific content to answer questions about the companysmarketing practices.

    A Video Case at the end of each chapter helps students understandthe application of chapter concepts. Examples of companieshighlighted in the cases are Travelocity, New Belgium Brewery,JetBlue, New Balance, REI, and Vail Resorts.

    The Careers in Marketing Appendix introduces students to issuesthey will face when they are ready to enter the workforce.

    The Interactive Marketing Plan allows students to follow a fictitiousmountain bike company as they prepare to launch a new product.

    New! To meet the needs of interactive learners, Foundations ofMarketing Online, 3/e is available as a multimedia eBook. Priced atnearly half the standard retail price of a printed text, the six-monthpasskey subscription includes access to all the online andpremium online content available with HM MarketingSPACE.

    SupplementsHM MarketingSPACE Instructor Website Online Instructors ResourceManual Online Integrated Lecture Outline PowerPoint Slides Role-PlayExercises CRS Content Videos HM Testing (Powered by Diploma) HM MarketingSPACE Eduspace HM MarketingSPACE Blackboard/WebCTCartridge HM MarketingSPACE Student Website Premium OnlineContent GoVenture Interactive Marketing Simulation InteractiveMarketing Plan

    Brief ContentsStrategic Marketing and Its Environment: Customer-Driven StrategicMarketing Planning Marketing Strategies The Marketing Environment,Social Responsibility, and Ethics Using Technology for ConsumerRelationships in a Global Environment: E-Marketing and CustomerRelationship Management Global Markets and International Marketing Target Market Selection and Research: Marketing Research andInformation Systems Target Markets: Segmentation and Evaluation Customer Behavior: Consumer Buying Behavior Business Markets andBuying Behavior Product Decisions: Product, Branding, and PackagingConcepts Developing and Managing Goods and Services PricingDecisions: Pricing Fundamentals Pricing Management DistributionDecisions: Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management Retailing,Direct Marketing and Wholesaling Promotion Decisions: IntegratedMarketing Communications Advertising and Public Relations PersonalSelling and Sales Promotion

    Marketing Express978-0-547-06003-3

    Foundations, 3/e, is alsoavailable in a new condensedversionMarketing Express.This brief, full colorcontemporary textbook retailsfor $59.99 and includespasskey access to premium HMMarketingSPACE online content.



    P r i n c i p l e s o f M a r ke t i n g

    NE W!

    NE W!

  • Marketing, 2008 EditionWilliam M. Pride, Texas A&M UniversityO.C. Ferrell, University of New Mexico

    2008 629 Pages Library Edition: 978-0-618-79970-1 Looseleaf:

    978-0-618-79963-3 Downloadable eBook: 978-0-618-88954-9


    Marketings text and its outstanding suite of supplements suppliesstudents with the knowledge and decision-making skills needed tosucceed in todays competitive business environment.

    Using topical issues including globalization, customer relationshipmanagement, supply chain management, and the latest e-commercemodels, the authors connect marketing to students personal lives.The latest edition features current data and examples, newadvertisements and photos, and a new design that lends acontemporary look and feel to the text. A range of electronic toolsfrom premium online study content to the GoVenture entrepreneursimulationsupport students as they work toward mastery ofmarketing principles and applications.

    New! Chapter-opening vignettes highlight companies andorganizations that capture the interest of both professors andstudents. Examples include Red Bull Energy Drink, Apples iPod,and rock band The Arctic Monkeys.

    New! Chapter 7, Global Marketing, features in-depth coverage andinsight from Tomas Hult, director of the globalEDGE MarketingGroup at Michigan State University. In addition, two chapter-endingGlobalEdge Exercises pose interesting questions about marketingbeyond our borders, and direct readers online for furtherexploration.

    New! Two boxed features per chapter offer a glimpse into some ofthe unique challenges faced by marketers today. These new boxesread and look like magazine articles, and tie chapter topics to real-world scenarios. Topical examples include Yoga Mamas: TodaysChoosy Mothers; IAMS Aims at Pet Lovers; Boomers: Not BabiesAnymore; and Stay Tuned: Nick has the Right Mix.

    New! Marketing Entrepreneur features highlight alternativeentrepreneurschildren, college students, and artists, amongothersdemonstrating that anyone can be a marketing pioneer.

    Two chapter-ending cases help students understand and applymarketing concepts. The fully integrated Video Cases featurecompanies such as Life is Good and Travelocity, making thelearning experience more engaging for students.

    An organizational model at the beginning of each part provides avisual roadmap of the text, enabling students to see theconnections between chapters.

    SupplementsInstructor Website Online Instructors Resource Manual OnlineIntegrated Lecture Outline PowerPoint Slides Role-Play Exercises CRSContent Videos HM Testing (Powered by Diploma) Eduspace withMultimedia eBook Blackboard/WebCT Cartridge Student Website Premium Online Content GoVenture Interactive Marketing Simulation

    Brief Contents

    I. Marketing Strategy and Customer RelationshipsAn Overview of Strategic Marketing Planning, Implementing, andControlling Marketing Strategies

    II. Environmental Forces, Social Responsibility, and EthicsThe Marketing Environment Social Responsibility and Ethics in Marketing

    III. Markets and Customer BehaviorConsumer Buying Behavior Business Markets