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2. CHOICE 1 ILOCOS-LAOAG-PAGUDPOD CHOICE 2 BANAWE-SAGADA-BAGUIO 3. CHOICE 1 (ILOCOS) PLACES TO VISIT: Vigan DELICACIES: Baluarte Ant Caviar (recommended for john) Fort Ilocandia Bagnet Sand Dunes of Suba Empanada Paoay Church Bukayo Malacanang of the North Patupat-Iloko Blue Lagoon/Maira-ira Tinubong Saud Beach(Pagudpod Beach) Bangui Windmills Kabigan Falls Cape Bojeador Lighthouse 4. VIGANVigan is the capital city of Ilocos Sur and well knownfor the precious remnants of old Spanish architectthroughout the center of the city. This is whereancestral houses are still found which are made ofthick brick wall and plastered with red clay. I wonderhow the citys heritage survived World War 2 and theonslaught of natural calamities. In spite of thepresence of jeepneys and tricycles as the modetransportation here, caritelas and kalesas are stillfound and used here. The town has also beenregistered with the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.Sikat din daw longganisa dito, gusto niyo pa baitry? 5. BALUARTE http://chavitsingson.net/baluarte/Visitors can start with visitingthe rows of cages where theycan see lions, Bengal tigers,peacocks, civet cats,iguanas, pythons and otherreptiles and birds. In this partof the Baluarte, people willalso be able to see thePhilippine cloud rat, anocturnal animal endemic tothe Philippine Cordilleraregion. This very large rodentis an herbivore and huntedby large birds and localpeople.From the cagedanimals, visitors can move onto the fenced areas wherethey can visit and feed themonkeys, swans, flamingos,ostriches, albino and spotteddeer and the one-humpcamel. Children are allowedto sit on top of the biggeranimals, but if they reallywant to ride, they can go tothe tracks where they canride the miniature horses . 6. FORT ILOCANDIA is the only rated hotel in the Ilocos NorteRegion. This was originally constructed by theMarcos Family for their daughter Ireneswedding reception. This spanish inspired resortmainly attracts taiwanese gamblers but it stillnever fails to charm the first-time Filipino tourist.It is best suited for hosting conferences andevents but it could be quite expensive to stayhere for your familys vacation or use it just asa stopover. If you decide to stay here, mightas well maximize the facilities and even walkto the famous Sand Dunes of Suba. 7. SAND DUNES OF SUBA This is only place in the Philippines where you can find a desert in the seemingly endless coastal sand dunes of Suba. It is about an hours walk along the beach from Fort Ilocandia. It is quite an exercise and walking in these sand dunes feels like meditating. The sky feels a little bit closer. It is a an awesome place for reflection. I suggest that you walk during early morning and ensure that it wont rain. 8. PAOAY CHURCHThe church was started by the Augustinian Fr.Antonio Estavillo in 1694. It was completed in 1710and rededicated in 1896, just three years beforethe expulsion of Spanish rule in the country. Thestyle of the church has been dubbed EarthquakeBaroque by Alicia Coseteng, one of the earlyauthorities on colonial church architecture.Because the buttresses extend out considerablyfrom the exterior walls, the entire visual experiencebecomes three-dimensional, unlike most of thechurches in the country where the inherent beautyof the church is limited only at the facade. 9. MALACANANG OF THE NORTH Malacaang of the North or Malacanang ti Amianan in Ilocano is always present in everyones itinerary when planning or visiting the northern province of Ilocos Norte. Dubbed as Marcos Country Many of Marcos familys remnant still exist in Ilocos like Malacaang of the North. It is within a 5-hectare property that overlooks the Paoay Lake. It serves as a home to the Marcos Family til 1996. 10. BLUE LAGOON/ MAIRA-IRA 11. SAUD BEACHWhen people say Pagudpud beach, it usuallyrefers to the popular Saud Beach. "Pagudpudactually consists of three vast beaches, strungalong Luzons northern edge and hemmed in byhuge points jutting out into the ocean. Coconutpalm-backed Saud Beach is where the resortsare. Maira-ira, also known as Blue Lagoon, is afew points east. Deserted Pansian beach is stillfurther on, near the bother of Cagayan Province.It should be called the "anti-Boracay of the North"since it boast of beautiful white beach backedby rows of coconut palms minus the noise andnightlife of Boracay. 12. BANGUI WINDMILLSBangui Windmills Magnificent WhiteGiants of Bangui The latest attractionin Bangui bay where Pagudpud islocated is these fifteen huge 23 storeyshigh Giant Electric Fans that might aswell be built by Aliens. The commonmistake of people is just to be satisfiedat looking at these windmills from adistant view from the Bangui look outon the way to Pagudpud. You dontneed a tour guide to reach this place.You just need to know where to turnand go straight passing by a village allthe way to this Bangui coast . 13. KABIGAN FALLS 30 mins trekking time from main road, crossing 3 streams for more info: http://acrossthelaine.blogspot.com/2011/12/m y-ilocos-get-away-day-2-kabigan-falls.html P20 preservation fee 14. CAPE BOJEADOR LIGHTHOUSE Fascinated by Philippine history and old architecture, lighthouses were my favorite age-old structures built by colonist in the country. From the coastal town of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, the journey took us south towards the town of Burgos to see a historical landmark called Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. Its name came from the martyr priest Padre Burgos. It has been tching over ships for more than 100 years. 15. DELICACIESBukayo is just one of the Tinubong is another Patupat is a delicacy madeproducts made from buko.delicacy from Ilocos Norte. from glutinous rice cooked inIt is an after-dinner sugar fixIt is made of gratedsugarcane juice. This popularFilipino children love. It is Ilocano snack is usuallymade by simmering cocococonut, salt, gantaglutinous rice, bambooprepared during summer inmeat strips in water andthen mixed with white ortubes (12 inches long withtime of sugarcane harvesting.brown sugar (which explains one node closed), andthe white or brown color) bamban leaves.resulting into a sweet tastingdiabetes-triggering delight. 16. DELICACIES Empanadas in the northern IlocosWhen the choices are region are very different. These narrowed down to nurturingthese are ant eggs empanadas are made of a savory your heart while satisfying your@_@filling of green papaya, mungo appetite, this delicacy may not and chopped longganisa and/orbe included in your list. an egg yolk. Rather than the soft, However, the oil-soaked sweet dough favored in the Tagalog region, the dough usedBagnet (locally known as to enclose the filling is thin and chicharon or deep-fried pork crisp, mostly because Ilocanomeat), despite its cholesterol empanada uses rice flour, coloredcontent and pre-cooked orange with achuete, and ispreparation, still has a staying deep-fried rather than baked.power as other homegrowndelicacy. 17. CHOICE 2 (SAGADA) 18. CHOICE 2 Friendly reminder. Sagada is still inhabited with numbers of local tribes.Kaya hindi pa siya masyadong civilized,very simple ung ibang placeshere, soo if we decide to go here.. We must not be maarte with the foodand hostels, and just try to appreciate the beauty of Nature There will be lots of hiking, trekking and walking :D but think positivemagiging toned ang leg muscles natin pag uwi. Its cold here, houses here have fireplaces. Mas malamig than Baguio.Always may fog haha! All the walking and not pagiging maarte will pay off once you seeSagadas beautiful tourist spots. Actually, I would rather not call themtourist spots because when we went their 5 years ago walang taooo prng personal Survivor Camp namin ung Sagada:D Truly one of MotherEarths wonders. 19. CHOICE 2 Places to visit: Delicacy:Ganduyan MuseumPinikpikan Samaguing CaveKiltepan Viewpoint Restaurants:Bomod-ok Falls Yoghurt House Bangaan Rice Terraces Lemon Pie House Echo Valley (HangingKimchi RestaurantCoffins)Log Cabin (buffet Lake DanumSaturday) St. Mary EpiscopalianChurchClay pot making 20. GANDUYAN MUSEUMGanduyan Museum inSagada is a modestshowcase for Igorotartifacts owned by alocal artisan, ChristinaAben. 21. SAMAGUING CAVE Sumaguing Cave has the largest chamberconnecting all the 60 caves of the town. It isalso known as the Big Cave. It is the mostpopular and most visited site in Sagada.Stalagmites and stalactites form inside thecaves over millions of years and are truly asight to behold. Please look at the upperright photo, the ground is moist isnt it? Itsnot water thats making it moist, its actuallybat poop. So, if we do try going down thiscave, we will be touching lots of poop.HAHA! 22. KILTEPAN VIEWPOINTThe stunning mountain sunriseat Kitlepan Viewpoint is afavorite draw for visitors inSagada Mountain province.Overlooking is the KiltepanTerraces. 23. BOMOD-OK FALLS The extremely cold water on the natural poolcreated by the cascading waters of the majesticBomod-ok falls invites trekkers for a relaxing dipafter an hour of trekking to the Big Falls. The wateris so cold, that you will surely die of hypothermia ifyou stay there for long, but for the sake of fun,adventure and experience, it is a must to trydipping in the cold pool. Trekking Bomod-ok falls now requires a guide. Rateis P600 for a group of 1 to 10 persons. A P10.00registration fee is collected by the locals for everyperson at midpoint. 24. BANGAAN RICE TERRACES One memorable experience inSagada is walking along its riceterraces. This millennium oldarchitectural masterpieces areSagadas version of carefullyhand carved mountainsides thatlook like giant steps to the sky. 25. LAKE DANUM Just like plenty of theattractions in Sagada,Lake Danum is an easywalk away from thetown center. Though itis realistically not asstunning as the otherlocations in town, it stillis a very nice venue forpicnics and it is oftenused as a jump offpoint in going upMount Ampacao. 26