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OUR VISIONData driven insight, insight driven execution!Veriye Veli Dedirtiriz !




TANI AT A GLANCE13 years23+ Sectors65+ Brands6.121+ Campaigns/year1.15 BN TL+ Inc.Revenue29 Loyalty Programs44 M+ Unique Consumers32 M+ Cookies18.9 M+ Loyalty Cards7.500+ Sales & Service Points200+ Integrated Data Channels300.000 Transactions/daySizinle birlikte mterilerinizi tanyp, veriden verim yaratyoruz.4

AWARDSDPD 2014, Direct Marketing AwardsWinner of 2 Awardsin Database Marketing DPD 2013, Direct Marketing Awards Winner of 3 Awards in Database MarketingInformatica 2013 Innovation AwardsData Qality Award Winner within 5.000 CompaniesIBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2013One Of The Best 4 PartnersOf IBM with AxionMixx Awards 2014, TurkeyWinner of BRONZin Data- Inspired CreativeHorizon Interactive Awards, 2014 Winner of 2 GOLDin Consumer Information and Responsive / Mobile Design for Paro Web SiteBest Long Term Loyalty Program WINNERThe Loyalty Awards EMEA, 2015

Winner of 2 BRONZ in Corporate Identity category for Paro.com.tr and Entegrated Campaign category2015 Communicator AwardsSizinle birlikte mterilerinizi tanyp, veriden verim yaratyoruz.5


MobileOMNICHANNEL StoreMarketing ApproachReaching Customer

Behavior & Shopping TrackingContent EngineCampaign EnginePayment EngineData


Tracking Through Network Effect

Campaign ManagementShopping TrackingTracking Through Network EffectCash Register Integration

mCommercemPaymentShopping TrackingLocation Based Services

FacebookMobile PagesSizinle birlikte mterilerinizi tanyp, veriden verim yaratyoruz.


TRANSFORMATION OF MS. ZEHRAForm InfoZehra CeylanBrand AAge: 27 years-oldEducation: Religious HS and College GraduateMarital Status: SingleOccupation: Advertisement and PRKeen on reading literature, mythology and religious booksFollowing politicians such as Mr. X, Y, Z.Keen on watching romantic moviesFenerbahe fanScorpioIBM Lenovo ve iPhone 4 userPossible TTNET subscriberShops at X and Y brands as wellSpent 587 TL at Brand A Average basket is 84 TLShopping frequency: 3 monthsShopping preference: Week days after 4pm.

Web FootprintCurrently at Y MallAt X Store and by the trousersWent to Y Mall 2 times last monthUses mobile app twice a week

Mobile FootprintKnow your customer in every perspective Shops at e-commerce sitesSpends on average X TL per monthShops frequently using mobile appSpends X TL on average

?Store FootprintThe brands she follows except Brand A:Network (Clothing) pekyol (Clothing) Aldo Shoes (Shoes)

CixShoes (Shoes) Esse (Home Appliances)

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Data Insight Action Experience and Efficiency

Personalized & segmented campaignsTargeted one-to-one communication (Banner, SMS, Email, Mail, Phone Call)- Location based communications- Segmented customer programs- New product & service design- Partnerships- Who are my most valuable customers?- Which customer segment has a potential to increase my revenue? - Which customers decreased their spending and why?- Which customers are getting married? - Which customers like classical music?- What type of a campaign reward attracts my customers? - Which customers are at my shop right now?- Does my product & service portfolio fit with my customers?

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Which services do you need? We are ready to step in at any technology expertise

DATA QUALITY and DEDUPLICATIONDeveloping innovative services and products we won Informatica 2013 Innovation Award for Data Quality

Symbolic Datas



DATA ANALYSIS and REPORTING Sales, customer, store, basket analysis

The data are symbolicSahip olduunuz hazine deerindeki mteri verinizinkarmak dilini zyor ve sizler iin anlaml hale getiriyoruz.


DATA ANALYSIS and REPORTING Sales, customer, store, basket analysisThe data are symbolicSahip olduunuz hazine deerindeki mteri verinizinkarmak dilini zyor ve sizler iin anlaml hale getiriyoruz.


Level of Customer ValueLevel of Customer Loyalty VALUE ADDED SERVICES: INSIGHTSegmentation and Modeling%1 Platinum%9Star%15Old Friends%25Potential%50Passersby

DATA ENRICHMENTSegmentation and Modeling

20Customer SegmentationCustomer ValueSales Support ModelsOthersMarket Basket - Upsell & Cross Sell Sales PropensityTarget Audience AnalysisCustomer Lifetime Value (CLV)RFM ModelsCustomer ChurnSegment MigrationAnalytical Solution Services Tailored campaigns and value propositions Differentiate offers and enhance customer experience managementTargeted customer acquisition Reasons behind the customer churn and changes in behavioral and value segments1234Behavior & Life Style SegmentationCurrent Customer Value (CCV)

CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROGRAMSCUSTOMISED LOYALTY PROGRAMSSpecific program design and management for your brand

NETWORK LOYALTY PROGRAMParoEnrich your customer experience.With additional development services, capture the specialization in Paro World within over 18 million members.


- Loyalty program objective and strategies- Program design- Partner structure- KPIs and metering needs

- Software development- Cash register and other channel integration- Partner relationship development and technological solutions- Web page, microsite, mobile application design and developmentReporting needs developmentReport designsReport infrastructure and development- Monitoring program KPIs

- Technological and operational infrastructure management- Action planning- Operational production (card vs.)- Partner management- Appropriate data management to personal data protection legislation- Deduplication and data quality management- Segmentations (Value /Behavior Based, Lifesytle etc.)Customer Action ListsPredictive Modelings (Customer Churn, CLTV etc.)Campaign design and implementation of appropriate business goalsCreative and targeted campaigns Campaign operationsE-mail, SMS, MailingMetering


- Data Collection- Campaign Management- Management ofLoyalty Program RulesDetail data of Customer focusedMarket Basket- Data Storage- Deduplication- Data qualityDeduplicationTestsnteractiveSMS campaignsInteractive E-Mail campaignsShopping-based SMS

Kasa Ent- Nebim (V3, winner)- IBM/Toshiba (Genius2, Genius Open)- Micros- Netpos 7.0Egrasyonu

Sadakat Program Operasyonu1- Veri Toplama2- Kampanya Ynetimiube BazlAlveri tutar bazlrn bazll bazlHedef Kitle BazlSaat / Gn / Hafta Bazlzel Gmler BazlHedef Kitle Bazlifre retimi, ifre bazl kampanyalarTantma ynetime gre kampanyalarHarcama bazl kampanyalarKampanya paketleriKampanya nceliklendirmeleri

3- Firma Sadakat Program Kurallar YnetimiFayda verilmeyecek izinlerFayda limitleriPuan nemleriAlt segment kurallar

letiim kanallar YnetimiKiiselletirmeTestlernteraktifSMS kampanyalarnteraktif E-Mail kampanyalarAlveri bazl SMS

VER AMBARI Veri Depolama- Tekilletirme- Veri Kalitesi


HOW WE SERVE?Your Customer Relationship Managers and Customer Applications Executives are following all the process for you.Expertise CentersData ManagementAnalytical ServicesOperational CRM TeamsCampaign DesignCampaign Management

New Generation Paro2014


Sensitive brands supporting their customers at every stage and special moments of their life Extra benefits & pointsLoyalty ProgramParo has changed

Freedom of Choice

We listen to our customersOffer them value added products&services with brands sensitive to their needs. &Customer MissionWe focus on individual

BrandsSensitive to their customers needsParoCoordinates standards and services

Brands support their customersSpecial Life StageSpecial DaysTroubled MomentsShopping

Brands Support Their Customers in 4 main areasGiant StepsGetting MarriedKid on BoardGraduation & First Job

Special DaysBirthdayValentines DayMothers DayFathers DayNew Year Troubled MomentsShopping

BirthLife CyclePre-SchoolMiddle&High SchoolUniversityWorkMarriageHaving KidsGrand ChildrenR.I.PMarriage of ChildrenRetirementLife StagesRepetitive Special DaysOther special days(Valentines day, Mothers/Fathers day, New Years Eve etc.)

Wedding AnniversaryMovingJob switching


Proposal Marriage PhaseSub Stages


Setup new home



PregnancyHaving Kid PhaseSub Stages

Welcome Baby



FearWorryLonelinessBunlara ynelik kampanyalar sunmak kritik38

EcosystemCampaign Based PartnersMain PartnersContent ProvidersCoordinated by Paro

Paro Website (New!)

To help enrich the customer experience of the affiliate brands with innovative and technological marketing solutionsBrand Mission

PARO BRANDS20 Main Partners + 18 Campaign Based Partners + 4 Content Providers

NewjoyMain Partners

Campaign Based Partners

Content Providers




Datas are as of end of 2014.

Cash register integrationStructure of the cell and card recognitionLoyalty Program data managementAppropriate data management to personal data protection legislationDeduplicationData Quality MeasurementStandard