Our props.

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Our Props.

Transcript of Our props.

Page 1: Our props.

Our Props.

Page 2: Our props.

Detective Badge.

The use of the American detective badge by the protagonist is being used to show authority

and power, as well as aggression and stress when the character slams it on the table.

Page 3: Our props.


We have chosen to use this weapon in our opening scene as its personal because it requires close up

contact between the antagonist and protagonist. It shows the aggression and power the character who

has it in their possession has. In addition to this axe’s are general accessible to most people as they

are usually a common garden tool.

Page 4: Our props.

Jack Daniels whiskey bottle.

This is an American brand of whiskey, therefore it will reinforce the American setting of our film. The whiskey is used to portray our character as stressed. The fact it is a half empty bottle could help to portray that the character often drink in

his office at work after a long day.