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A broad review of India's national missions, an ambitious plan to turn India

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  • 1. EDs Note Untangling Sustainabilitys Gordian Knot One of the oft repeated statements that one hears in green seminars, boardrooms and interactions is the role played by the government. Depending on which side is speaking, there is either much praise or too much angst about the role played by the GoI. There are of course the firsts - the Ministry of New Renewable Energy headed by Farooq Abdullah is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. Also, there has been no paucity of planning commissions, national visions and other things. Purely from a policy front, India does not score too low. After all, even Barrack Obama could not bring about a green revolution, though he evangelised the same. Yet, the sum of all the parts does not add up significantly, simply because its all scattered and being done in various silos. Let me share with you an instance. Sustainability as a practice and effort with an enterprise, at varying times, falls under the ambit of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Ministry of Power, Ministry of Non- Renewable Energy, Ministry of Environment and Forests, and others depending on the efforts undertaken. To add to the conundrum, there are various governmental and inter-governmental departments that deal on different aspects. Like, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency that is meant to drive the uptake of energy star products and green buildings. And if this wasnt a khichdi (mishmash) enough, the federal structure of India ensures that theres much overlap on what is under the jurisdiction of the central government or state government. Little wonder then,Shashwat DCsome states in India are pioneers in terms of green while others are laggards.Editor -in-Chief There is no parity among what one Indian state has achieved with that of another. Much like the fabled Gordian Knot that held an ox-cart standing resting in the palace of the former kings of Phrygia at Gordium in ancient times, the policy The federal framework on sustainability and CSR in India is all tied up too intricately to make structure of Indiasense of. For an outsider the complexity can be fairly perplexing. So whats the solution to this knotty affair?ensures that someIn fact, the very legend of the Gordian knot also comes along with a solution asstates in India arewell. According to the same, the knot stood entangled for many centuries challenging one and all, till came along a young upstart from Macedonia, with pioneers in terms visions to conquer the world. At first, he tried his hand at finding an end of the cornel bark and on not finding any, drew his sword and sliced it in half, therebyof green while untying the knot. This is out-of-box thinking that challenges the norm and has theothers are courage to strike at the status quo. We need modern days Alexanders who have a grand vision and the necessary wherewithal to achieve it, too. Lets look and laggards. analyse the ones around to check whether such a leader is there in our midst, and if not lets nurture a few; and encourage them to go through. Do we have such leaders? In this issue, we discuss threadbare the various government missions undertaken to promote the uptake of green and sustainability. We have received fabulous response to our first edition; quite a bagful of suggestions and encouragement. You will see quite many of them being incorporated in the coming issues. In the meantime, let those mails keep coming, sharing with us your views, stories, suggestions or even criticisms. Drop a mail on editor@sustainuance.com. Till next time!SustaiNuance | September | 03