Origins Of Nam

Origin of the Vietnam “Conflict” What Happened Before U.S. Involvement


Intro to the Vietnam War. This presentation describes the history of Vietnam before U.S. involvement and the early stages of U.S. involvement.

Transcript of Origins Of Nam

Page 1: Origins Of Nam

Origin of the Vietnam “Conflict”

What Happened Before U.S. Involvement

Page 2: Origins Of Nam

History of Imperialism• China (independence in 1000 C.E.)

• French in the 1600s

• Creation of Indochina

• Japan 1940-45

• China and England 1945

• French Part Deux! (1946-1954)

• in hindsight....What if???

Page 3: Origins Of Nam

Viet Minh: Friend or Foe?

• were nationalists and communists (formed 1940 or 41)

• led by Ho Chi Minh (“He who enlightens”)

• fought against the French and the Japanese

• conflicted U.S. perspective

Page 4: Origins Of Nam

Fork in the Road

• Ho Chi Minh declared independence in 1945

• US DOS was divided

• France asks for the return of its colonies

• Viet Minh’s response

• golden opportunity missed! What if?

Page 5: Origins Of Nam

Fear of Communism! (1950)

• Success of Chinese Revolution

• Truman’s Speech

• Outbreak of the Korean War

• Commies are going to take over Asia!

• Uncle Sam’s wallet opens up

“cause of freedom isbeing challenged”

Page 6: Origins Of Nam

• “...the resources of the United States would be deployed to preserve Indochina and Southeast Asia from further Communist


Dean Rusk, Undersecretary of State

Foreshadowing of escalation

• U.S. provides 80% of the funding for the French

Page 7: Origins Of Nam

We Like Ike!

• Eisenhower Presidency

• continues aid to France until Dienbienphu

• Geneva Accords 1954: division and election

Page 8: Origins Of Nam

And the U.S. picks...Ngo Dinh Diem!

• Catholic

• Friend of the French

• Torturer

• Corrupt

• Boycotts Elections 1956