Organisational Morale

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MORALE A state of group enthusiasm

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MoraleA state of group enthusiasm

ContentsMeaning and definitionMotivation and MoraleFactors influencing Employee MoraleIndividual Morale and Group MoraleLow morale and High MoraleSymptoms of Low Morale and High MoraleHow to boost Morale?Morale and Productivity

Meaning and DefinitionMorale is the capacity of a group of people to pull together persistently and consistently in pursuit of a common purpose- Alexander H LeightonIntangible termEspirit de CorpsOverall attitude of Individual/GroupResides in Minds and EmotionsKey terms and Interpretation

Morale According to Michael J JuciusWhat is it? (attitude of mind)What does it do? (affects)Where does it Reside? (minds and emotions)What does it affect? (interactions)Whom does it affect? (employees/group will to work together)

Motivation and MoraleS.No.BasisMotivationMorale1State of DispositionIndividual responseGroup Behavior2Concept Narrow concept that explains only Why aspect of behaviorWider concept that explains totality of Interactions3Mutual belongingnessA motivated person tends to experience high moraleA person in High morale group need not be Motivated4Means of DoingCombination of Carrot and Stick approachOnly favorable approach5Organizational AspectsMore direct attentionPeoples behavior influences indirectly6Studies and ResearchExtensively explored and Intensively studiedLess directly studied and researched

Factors Influencing Employee MoraleJob SecurityJob SatisfactionOrganizational CultureManagement styleSelf-concept of EmployeePerception of Work and reward

Individual and Group Morale

Individual morale is a single persons attitude towards work, environment etc.

Group morale reflects the general attitude of a group of people

Low Morale and High Morale

Symptoms of Low moraleTardinessLack of positive feelings towards jobLack of pride in workHigh rate of absenteeismHigh rate of turnoverBad/disturbed moodPoor inter-personal relationshipPoor or lack of group cohesivenessIncrease in employee indisciplineBad industrial relationsStrikes and sabotagesIncreasing accidentsIncreasing wastages and spoilagesDecline in the quality of goodsDecrease in quantity of goods

Feeling of belongingnessGroup cohesivenessTeam spiritCommitment to organizational goalsFeeling organizational citizenshipLonger stay with organizationLess need for employee supervisionBetter inter-personal and industrial relationsMore peaceful and harmonious atmosphereIncreased adaptability among the group membersLess or no strikes and sabotagesLess or no wastage/spoilageHigh level of pride in workIncrease in quantity and quality of performanceSymptoms of High morale

How to Boost Morale?Motivate employee with your examplesEstablish clear and good communication with employeesEnrich employees jobsChallenge employees to perform betterInvolve employees as equal members of your teamConsult your employeesEmpower your employeesAcknowledge and appreciate employeesShow care to your employeesCreate healthy work environmentDo some personal things

Morale and Productivity2Low Morale and High Productivity1High Morale and Low Productivity4Low Morale and Low Productivity3High morale and low productivity

HighLowLowHighHigh Morale and High Productivity - Satisfied EmployeeLow Morale and High Productivity - Strict rules and proceduresHigh Morale and Low Productivity - Incompetent LeadershipLow Morale and Low Productivity - Negatively characterizedProductivityMorale

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