Orchestrators or Facilitators

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Dennis Gedge's fPET-2010 presentation

Transcript of Orchestrators or Facilitators

  • 1. Orchestrators or FacilitatorsThoughts on the publics perception of the Engineering profession.Followed by the Engineers view of themselves.Do actions speak louder than words, so do these things matter.
  • 2. How does the public see us?
  • 3. How we see ourselves
  • 4. A traditional view of the Engineer
  • 5. The un-varnished reality
  • 6. Grand Designs
  • 7. Engineering or Architecture
  • 8. Engineering without doubt
  • 9. Retrospective solutions
  • 10. Politics and the professionConclusions.
    Has the question been raised and answered long ago and therefore is speculation invalid ?
    Or is it an imponderable philosophical question that keeps coming back?
  • 11. Orchestrators or Facilitators
    by Dennis Gedge
    dennisgedge @btinternet.com
    a paper to be presented at
    The fPET Conference
    To be held on 9th-10th May 2010
    The Colorado School of Mines
    Golden Colorado