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Terminal Server & XenApp Tuning Tips By Pierre Marmignon @ 7:46 PM :: 19478 Views :: 8 Comments :: :: XenApp, Tuning, Terminal Server, Tech Tips Working in SBC environments for some years now I've used some best practices documents like the well known Methodology In a Box (MIAB) from Douglas Brown or the MF Tuning Tips from Rick Delingher. These documents, although really pertinent, are now quite outdated and do not include the latest OS and XenApp releases. The purpose of this article is an attempt to summarize all Tuning Tips I've found (and also that I'm using) and describe the target operating system / XenApp version(s) they're working for. Do not hesitate to give us your comments for this Article to be updated with your experience and feedback. Please note that these informations are provided "as is" and that using these tips is at your own risks. Please also Note that all REG_DWORD values are provided in decimal format. All Registry Hives are provided for x86 platforms. For x64 Platforms, do not forget to add "WoW6432Node" if hive is in HKLM\Software.

Operating System Tuning for XenApp / Terminal Services

Registry Hive




REG_ HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro DisableDHCP DWO 1 lSet\Services\Tcpip\parameters MediaSense RD

Purpose (s) Disables Window s AutoSen se

Platform (s) W2K / W2K3 / W2K8

REG_ HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro KeepAliveTim DWO 60000 lSet\Services\Tcpip\parameters e RD

Determi nes how often TCP W2K / sends W2K3 / keepW2K8 alive transmis sions

REG_ HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro KeepAliveInter DWO 100 lSet\Services\Tcpip\parameters val RD

Determi nes how often TCP repeats keepW2K / alive W2K3 / transmis W2K8 sions when no response is received Determi nes how many times TCP retransm W2K / its an unackno W2K3 / wledged W2K8 data segment on an existing connecti on Enables Netlogo n to wait W2K3 / for the W2K8 Network to be active

REG_ HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro TcpMaxDataR DWO 10 lSet\Services\Tcpip\parameters etransmissions RD

HKLM\SOFTWARE\microsoft\ REG_ WaitForNetwo Windows DWO 1 rk NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon RD

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ Debugger Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AeDebug HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro Start lSet\Services\wuauserv

Disables W2K / REG_ Nothing Dr W2K3 / SZ ("") Watson W2K8 REG_ DWO 4 RD Disables Window W2K / s W2K3 / Update W2K8 Service Sets Visual effects to W2K3 / W2K8

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Win REG_ VisualFXSettin dows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\V DWO 2 g isualEffects RD

"Optimi ze for Best Perform ances" HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro EventLog lSet\Control\Print\Providers REG_ DWO 0 RD Disables W2K / Logging W2K3 / of Print W2K8 Events Disable Spooler errors W2K / from W2K3 / being displaye W2K8 d on the server console Remove s W2K / Display W2K3 / of Last W2K8 Userna me Deletes the Roamin W2K / g W2K3 / Profiles W2K8 cache after Logoff Disables Console W2K / W2K3 / error Message W2K8 s

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro ErrorControl lSet\Services\Spooler


HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Win REG_ DontDisplayLa dows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Sy DWO 1 stUserName stem RD

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ REG_ DeleteRoamin Windows DWO 1 gCache NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon RD

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro ErrorMode lSet\Control\Windows


HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro lSet\Services\EventLog\Applicati MaxSize on

Sets Applicat ion REG_ W2K / 209715 Event's DWO W2K3 / 2 Log RD W2K8 maximu m size to 2048 REG_ 0 Sets W2K /

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro Retention

lSet\Services\EventLog\Applicati on


Circular W2K3 / Events W2K8 logging

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro MaxSize lSet\Services\EventLog\Security

Sets Sec urity Event's W2K / REG_ 209715 Log DWO W2K3 / 2 maximu W2K8 RD m size to 2048 REG_ DWO 0 RD Sets W2K / Circular W2K3 / Events W2K8 logging

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro Retention lSet\Services\EventLog\Security

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro MaxSize lSet\Services\EventLog\System

Sets Sys tem REG_ Event's W2K / 209715 DWO W2K3 / Log 2 RD maximu W2K8 m size to 2048 REG_ DWO 0 RD Sets W2K / Circular W2K3 / Events W2K8 logging Disables Termina l Server Client Printers Mappin g. This ensures that admin W2K / won't W2K3 / upload W2K8 print drivers when connecti ng to any server for Adminis tration

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro Retention lSet\Services\EventLog\System

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro fDisableCpm lSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp


purpose s HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro Start lSet\Services\CiSvc REG_ DWO 4 RD Disables the W2K / Indexin W2K3 g Service Optimiz es GPO Executi on when Opportu W2K3 / nistic W2K8 Locks are Disable d Raises the Number of W2K ICA / R DP Listener s Disable d the Ignore of W2K3 / remote W2K8 keyboar ds layouts Sets NT FS not to update the lastaccess W2K / timesta W2K3 / mp on W2K8 each director y when it lists the directori

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Win REG_ BufferPolicyR dows DWO 1 eads NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon RD

REG_ HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro IdleWinStation DWO 4 lSet\Control\Terminal Server PoolCount RD

IgnoreRemote REG_ HKLM\System\CurrentControlS KeyboardLayo DWO 0 et\Control\Keyboard Layout ut RD

REG_ HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro NtfsDisableLas DWO 1 lSet\Control\FileSystem tAccessUpdate RD

es on an NTFS volume Foregro und applicati W2K / on more W2K3 / reponsiv W2K8 e than backgro und Provides a large W2K / virtual address W2K3 / W2K8 space for the cache. Specifie s the maximu m number W2K / of bytes W2K3 / that can W2K8 be locked for I/O operatio ns Drivers and the kernel W2K / must W2K3 / remain W2K8 in physical memory Determi nes whether W2K / user processe W2K3 / W2K8 s end automati cally when

REG_ HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContr Win32Priority DWO 38 olSet\Control\PriorityControl Separation RD

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro REG_ LargeSystemC lSet\Control\Session DWO 1 ache Manager\Memory Management RD

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro REG_ IoPageLockLi lSet\Control\Session DWO 65536 mit Manager\Memory Management RD

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro REG_ DisablePaging lSet\Control\Session DWO 1 Executive Manager\Memory Management RD

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro lSet\Control\Terminal REG_ AutoEndTasks 1 Server\WinStations\RDPSZ Tcp\UserOverride\Control Panel\Desktop

the user either logs off. Determi nes how long the system waits for user W2K / processe W2K3 / s to end W2K8 after the user attempts to log off Changes the W2K / Start W2K3 / menu W2K8 display interval Specifie s how much time elapses W2K / between W2K3 / each W2K8 blink of the selectio n cursor Enables / W2K3 / Disables W2K8 Cursor BLink Specifie s what appears W2K / on the screen W2K3 / while a W2K8 user drags a window

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro lSet\Control\Terminal WaitToKillAp REG_ 20000 Server\WinStations\RDPpTimeout SZ Tcp\UserOverride\Control Panel\Desktop

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro lSet\Control\Terminal MenuShowDel REG_ Server\WinStations\RDP10 ay SZ Tcp\UserOverride\Control Panel\Desktop

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro lSet\Control\Terminal CursorBlinkRa REG_ Server\WinStations\RDP-1 te SZ Tcp\UserOverride\Control Panel\Desktop

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro lSet\Control\Terminal REG_ DisableCursor Server\WinStations\RDPDWO 1 Blink Tcp\UserOverride\Control RD Panel\Desktop

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro lSet\Control\Terminal DragFullWind REG_ 0 Server\WinStations\RDPows SZ Tcp\UserOverride\Control Panel\Desktop

/ Only the outline of the window moves HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro lSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDPSmoothScroll Tcp\UserOverride\Control Panel\Desktop HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro lSet\Control\Terminal Wallpaper Server\WinStations\RDPTcp\UserOverride\Control Panel\Desktop HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro lSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDPMinAnimate Tcp\UserOverride\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowsMetrics REG_ DWO 0 RD Scrolls W2K / using W2K3 / smooth W2K8 scrolling Sets W2K / Wallpap W2K3 / er to W2K8 "None" Disable d. Window W2K / does not W2K3 / animate W2K8 while being resized Optimiz es Explorer W2K / and W2K3 / Start W2K8 Menu re sponses Times Server W2K / Service W2K3 / Optimiz W2K8 ation Server W2K / Service W2K3 / Optimiz W2K8 ation Server W2K / Service W2K3 / Optimiz W2K8 ation Server W2K / Service W2K3 /

REG_ (none) SZ


HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro lSet\Control\Terminal REG_ InteractiveDela Server\WinStations\RDPDWO 40 y Tcp\UserOverride\Control RD Panel\Desktop

HKLM\System\CurrentControlS REG_ MaxWorkItem et\Services\LanmanServer\Param DWO 512 s eters RD HKLM\System\CurrentControlS et\Services\LanmanServer\Param MaxMpxCt eters REG_ DWO 2048 RD

HKLM\System\CurrentControlS REG_ MaxFreeConne et\Services\LanmanServer\Param DWO 100 ctions eters RD HKLM\System\CurrentControlS MinFreeConne REG_ 32 et\Services\LanmanServer\Param ctions DWO

eters HKLM\System\CurrentControlS et\Services\LanmanWorkstation\ MaxCmds Parameters


Optimiz W2K8 ation Increase W2K / s W2K3 / Network W2K8 capacity W2K / Disable W2K3 / Caching W2K8 Maximu W2K / m Concurr W2K3 / W2K8 ent Threads Disables W2K / Opportu W2K3 / nistic W2K8 Locking Disables Opportu W2K / nistic W2K3 / Locking W2K8 Disables Opportu W2K / nistic W2K3 / Locking W2K8 Optimiz es Network Perform ances for W2K / Applicat W2K3 / ions W2K8 (Along with LargeSy stemCac he) Registry W2K / Flush W2K3 / Interval W2K8 Disable W2K / Outlook W2K3

HKLM\System\CurrentControlS REG_ UtilizeNTCach et\Services\LanmanWorkstation\ DWO 0 ing Parameters RD HKLM\System\CurrentControlS et\Services\LanmanWorkstation\ MaxThreads Parameters REG_ DWO 17 RD

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentContro REG_ OplocksDisabl lSet\Services\MRXSmb\Paramet DWO 1 ed ers RD H